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13 Best Organic Coffee Brands You Can Buy

Maybe you want to help the environment. Maybe you just want the freshest slow-roasted beans for your morning brew. Whatever your reasons for drinking organic coffee, you should know that there are quite a few contenders out there for the best organic coffee brand. You might need a little help with narrowing down your options!

Here are just 12 of the best organic coffee brands on the market. They've been chosen for quality, taste, freshness and commitment to organic harvesting practices, so they're all good and sustainable choices.

Best Organic Coffee Beans of 2020 - Top 12 Picks

You'll just have to decide for yourself which one is destined to become your new favorite.

1. Lifeboost Organic Coffee - Our Top Pick

Beans: Arabica
Origin: Nicaragua

Any organic coffee is good for the planet, but LifeBoost seems to go the extra mile to make each of their offerings Earth-healthy.

LifeBoost coffee review

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This Certified Organic coffee wasn’t just grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers… 

It’s GMO-free, so the plant genetics can be traced to naturally-occurring plants. It’s also tested and certified mycotoxin-free, which means you don’t ever have to worry about mold in your morning cup.

And don’t forget about Fair Trade! The farmers in Nicaragua are paid 30 cents extra per pound than normal, which is a large amount for coffee growers ($1,00 per pound is normal the last couple of years, so that added 30c goes a long way!).

The coffee beans themselves are officially certified as “specialty-grade”, which means there can be less than 5 defect beans in a batch—putting it in the top 3% of coffees in the world!

Expect a robust flavor too, with smooth notes of fresh cacao, a caramel sweetness, a very mild acidity, and the rich aromas you love about great coffee.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Bold, yet smooth, LifeBoost’s organic Nicaraguan coffee is a well-rounded brew anyone can get behind. It’s on the pricier side, but it’s unrivaled when it comes to being sustainably growth and ethically sourced.

2. Cafe Don Pablo: Subtle Earth Gourmet Coffee

Beans: Arabica
Origins: Honduras

Subtle Earth Coffee is grown from dark, rich soil to produce dark, rich flavors. It's made from whole beans that are 100 percent arabica, so you can be guaranteed of its quality, but it's also a medium-dark roast that doesn't skew too bitter or too sweet. Like Goldilocks, it's just right.

2LB Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee - Medium Dark Roast - Whole Bean Coffee - USDA Organic Certified Arabica Coffee by CCOF - (2 lb) Bag

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On the bitter side, Subtle Earth Coffee offers a kick to your taste buds to wake you up in the morning. On the sweet side, it has notes of honey and caramel to balance out its full body and strong flavor.

It's also completely natural. Harvested from high altitudes in Honduras, its environment is so fresh and pure that farmers don't even need pesticides to grow their coffee beans. You can rest assured that your morning mug is unspoiled by chemicals and synthetic additives.

If you're on a mission to find the perfect cup of coffee, look no further than Subtle Earth. It has everything that you need to jump-start your morning, and it doesn't make you choose between the two extremes of the coffee spectrum. You can enjoy the best of both worlds!

What’s the Bottom Line?

Subtle Earth Coffee offers a perfect balance between strong and sweet, making it a premium coffee choice for those who like smooth, even flavors and rich arabica beans. Its organic nature is just a bonus.

3. Java Planet Colombian Organic - Medium Dark Roast

Beans: Arabica
Origins: Colombia

There's more to growing organic coffee than just slapping a USDA sticker on the label. A good organic coffee company will also certify their fair trade practices, guarantee their non-GMO products and advertise their connections with environmental groups. Thankfully, Java Planet does all of this and then some.

Java Planet - Colombian USDA Organic Coffee Beans

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They work with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to provide shade cover for their coffee beans and biodiversity for the local animals. They're certified by the Rainforest Alliance because of their eco-friendly harvesting practices.

They also make a fine cup of coffee! Their medium roast is rich and smooth, and it will smell heavenly as it fills your kitchen with the aroma of an authentic Colombian blend.

When it comes to organic coffee, it doesn't get much better than Java Planet. They provide a sinful coffee experience without any of the actual sin. You'll be able to enjoy a decadent cup while still knowing that you're doing your part for the environment.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Rich, flavorful and entirely organic, Java Planet is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enjoy their coffee without guilt. It's grown and harvested with completely eco-friendly practices.

4. Kicking Horse Coffee: Smart Ass

Beans: Arabica
Origins: Africa, Central and South America

Kicking Horse Coffee is an independent coffee brand that advertises itself as "fanatical" about bean quality. They grow and harvest their beans 3,000 feet above sea level in the fresh air of the
mountains, and they promise that you can taste the difference when compared to something cheap and mass-produced.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Smart Ass

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They offer many different flavors, but one of their most popular is the Smart Ass brand. (Don't worry; they're not cursing. The picture on the logo is a donkey.)

It's a sweet, rich and chocolatey coffee that pairs well with things like breakfast danishes and dinner desserts. It's also full-bodied, so it will flow over your tongue like velvet.

In addition, Kicking Horse Coffee can guarantee its freshness. Offered in a resealable pouch, you can brew as much or as little as you'd like without feeling the need to rush through the bag.

If you're tired of bitter brews that leave you with a bad taste in your mouth for hours afterward, consider a smooth and sweet alternative like Kicking Horse Coffee. It's fresh; it's tasty; it's completely organic. There's no reason not to try it!

What’s the Bottom Line?

You might not be able to utter the name in polite company, but the Smart Ass brand of Kicking Horse Coffee is worth the trouble. It's a great-tasting brew that's all sweet and no sour.

5. Death Wish Coffee, Dark Roast

Beans: Arabica and robusta
Origins: India and Peru

Death Wish Coffee lives up to its name by providing a staggering 60 mg of caffeine per ounce. For comparison's sake, the average cup of coffee has around 15-20 mg of caffeine per ounce. This is such a high caffeine content that it can actually be dangerous when consumed in high quantities!

Death Wish Coffee

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When brewed in moderation, however, Death Wish Coffee will answer the prayer of insomniacs everywhere.

Its energy boost is perfect for those sluggish mornings when you just can't seem to get yourself going, and its dark roast ensures a smooth, even brew that you'll enjoy with every sip. Its aroma will fill your home or office like you're standing right beside a coffee shop.

Best of all, Death Wish Coffee is completely organic. It's USDA-certified and fair trade. It's even kosher. Who says that all-natural products can't be just as strong as the regular stuff?

If you've been laboring under any delusions about the wimpiness of organic coffee, get yourself a Death Wish.

What’s the Bottom Line?

For a real kick in the backside, Death Wish Coffee is one of the strongest brews on the market. It offers three times the usual amount of caffeine, so if Death Wish Coffee doesn't wake you up, you're probably already dead.

6. Jungle Coffee Gourmet Coffee Beans

Beans: Arabica
Origins: Costa Rica

Put a rainforest into your cup when you drink Jungle Coffee. Made with 100 percent arabica beans from the heart of South America, it's a "single origin" coffee that's grown, harvested and shipped from the same place, so you don't have to worry about any hybrid or engineered elements ruining its authentic appeal.

Jungle Coffee Costa Rican Whole Bean Arabica Gourmet Coffee Beans

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It's even wet-roasted to bring out the fullness of its flavors and aromas.

Speaking of flavors, Jungle Coffee might just rock your treetops with its taste. Since it's roasted in deliberately small batches, it's always smooth and silky. It's also low in acidity, so if you're a coffee drinker who hates bitter aftertastes, Jungle Coffee will stay silky all of the way down.

Jungle Coffee is offered in a resealable pouch that will lock in its freshness for much longer than your usual coffee brands. You can thank its vacuum seal for guaranteeing its top-notch quality.

Whether you're looking for quick cups or full pots, Jungle Coffee can serve your needs. Give it a monkey's swing the next time that you're shopping for coffee beans!

What’s the Bottom Line?

Your java doesn't have to put a grimace on your face. If you're tired of bitter, acidic brews, try the smooth and natural taste of Jungle Coffee.

7. Camano Island Coffee Roasters - Organic Medium Roast

Beans: Arabica
Origins: Papua New Guinea

Camano Island Coffee is also a brand with a lot of assurances to offer. Not only is it USDA certified as an organic product, but it comes with a fair trade guarantee and a specialty grade for its beans.

Camano Island Coffee Roasters

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They only use the top one percent of their arabica beans, so their roasts are always of the highest quality.

As for taste, you'll love the smooth, creamy flavor of Camano Island Coffee. It's a medium roast that combines the strength of a dark roast with the hinted sweetness of a light roast, so it's perfectly balanced for coffee drinkers of all types.

It offers a little something for everyone. It's a great option if you're trying to satisfy multiple caffeine addicts in your home or office.

When it comes to organic coffee, Camano Island Coffee has all of the right ingredients and makes all of the right promises. Why wouldn't you give it a try?

What’s the Bottom Line?

Made with the utmost care, Camano Island Coffee takes pride in everything from its harvesting to its brewing. The end result is a cup of coffee that you can be proud of, too.

8. Jo Espresso Coffee

Beans: Arabica
Origins: Unknown

There's nothing worse than a weak, watery brew, especially on a cold morning when you need something strong to get yourself going. The good news is that Jo Espresso can make these feeble cups a thing of the past.

JO Espresso:

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The best thing about Jo Espresso is its taste. It's dark and delicious, combining rich, fragrant and earthy flavors that will delight all five of your sense. It isn't bitter, so there won't be any burnt or toasted elements. It's a medium roast, so the oils are well-balanced.

Jo Espresso beans are also very versatile for people who like variety over the course of the week. If you don't like bothering with fancy ingredients, you can brew them as plain Americanos; if you prefer rich, creamy drinks, you can add milk to create foamy lattes and cappuccinos.

Last but not least, Jo Espresso is dedicated to eco-friendliness.

The company is owned by artisan roasters who believe in natural harvests and fair trade practices, and they're certified by everything from the Roaster's Guild to the Rainforest Alliance. You could definitely do worse when it comes to organic brands.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Rich and warm, Jo Espresso disproves the idea that espressos have to be bitter beverages that are quickly tossed back like shots. With Jo Espresso, you can take your time and savor your coffee to the very last drop.

9. Two Volcanoes Gourmet Espresso Beans - Guatemala Dark Roast

Beans: Arabica and robusta
Origins: Guatemala

There's a lot to love about Two Volcanoes. For starters, it's some of the freshest coffee that you can buy. The beans are organic, "single origin" beans from Guatemala, so everything is pure and unprocessed.

The beans also come in a tight, vacuumed-sealed pouch, and Two Volcanoes even use a degassing valve to keep them at maximum freshness.

Two Volcanoes Gourmet Coffee Beans

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You'll also love the sensation of swirling Two Volcanoes in your cup. It's a smooth dark roast made from whole beans, so it's exquisitely balanced.

It's customizable, too. It can be used to make espressos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes and many other coffee beverages from the Starbucks menu. Say goodbye to long lines and irritable baristas! You can brew your own specialty drinks at home.

As for flavor, Two Volcanoes has a strong, woodsy taste. It can be slightly bitter when over-brewed, but some people like that. If you need a bracing cup of joe to keep you awake during long days and even longer nights, this brand can provide it.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Offering an eruption of flavor, Two Volcanoes Espresso Beans will give you the caffeine that you crave with the taste and aroma that you'd expect from a high-end coffee shop.

10. Ethical Bean Coffee Sweet Espresso - Medium Dark Roast

Beans: Arabica
Origins: South and Central America

As you might have guessed from the name, Ethical Bean Coffee is a company that's devoted to organic brews.

Ethical Bean Coffee Sweet Espresso

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They only buy from fair trade farmers who harvest their coffee under natural, shaded canopies, and all of their beans are free of chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fertilizers.

As for their Sweet Espresso product, it'll be a great pick-me-up when you're craving something sweet. You can taste everything from toffee to baker's chocolate in its flavor profile, and all of its notes are grounded by a full-body brew made from a dark roast.

You can add milk to make it even sweeter and creamier, but this is entirely optional. It depends on how you take your coffee in the mornings.

Another great thing about the Sweet Espresso flavor is that it can be brewed in drip machines as well as espresso makers.

It's pre-ground, so you'll have to be careful with pouring and spilling, but you can make it work with just about any coffeemaker that you have in your kitchen. You don't need a fancy machine to get your next fix!

What’s the Bottom Line?

Ethical Coffee Bean is a guilt-free way to indulge your sweet tooth. It'll provide the sugary notes and caffeine content of an excellent espresso, but it'll also be fully organic and good for the environment. Everybody wins with Ethical Coffee Bean!

11. The Bean Coffee Company: Mocha Java

Beans: Arabica
Origins: USA

Certified by both the USDA and California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), this Mocha Java is 100 percent eco-friendly.

The Bean Coffee Company

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 It's grown on the California coast under shaded tree canopies to protect it from the sun, and its soil is kept rich and fertilized through completely natural methods. The beans never touch chemicals of any kind.

The Bean Coffee Company also provides multiple blends and flavors for the coffee connoisseur with discerning taste buds.

Their Mocha Java blend is sweet and chocolatey; other flavors include Vanilla Bean and Aloha Bean, which experiment with infusions of vanilla, caramel and hazelnut.

You might need something to get you through the afternoon. You might be working late, so you require a good cup of coffee to help you burn the midnight oil.

The Mocha Java blend is here to help. No matter when you brew it, its rich, full-bodied flavor will delight your senses and give you the energy to complete the tasks of the day.

It's even roasted in small batches to ensure its continued freshness.

Now that's a commitment to quality!

What’s the Bottom Line?

There's a reason that the Bean Coffee Company is so popular among coffee drinkers. Mocha Java is just one of their available blends, but it's a great example of their brewing quality.

12. Larry's Coffee: Larry's House Blend

Beans: Arabica
Origins: USA

There are a lot of sweet coffee flavors on the market, but Larry's House Blend comes with a twist: Its caramel and chocolate notes are balanced out with dashes of pepper and tobacco. It's an unusual combination, but it works.

Larry's Beans Fair Trade Organic Coffee

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The final result is a smooth, sweet and smokey blend that's unlike anything else on the market today.

Some of its one-of-a-kind flavor can be attributed to its origins. Larry's House Blend is grown and sold from North Carolina, so it doesn't have to be shipped across the world to reach your coffeemaker.

It's always freshly-harvested and freshly-roasted, and this allows the brand to draw out complex flavors that older, drier beans simply can't hope to match.

You'll also be pleased to know that Larry's House Blend is both kosher and organic. You can enjoy it without fear that you're harming yourself or the American ecosystem. It's even bird-friendly! Since it's grown in the shade, farmers encourage tree growth instead of contributing to deforestation.

What’s the Bottom Line?

With an unusual combination of flavors, Larry's House Blend takes organic coffee to the next level. It has a unique kick that you have to taste to believe.

13. Coffee Bean Direct Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Beans: Arabica
Origins: Ethiopia

Imported from Africa, the Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is an eye-opening coffee that's sure to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. While it has a hint of fruity sweetness, it's mostly a strong, dark-roasted drink that's meant for people who aren't afraid of a little bitterness.

Coffee Bean Direct Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

View on Amazon

Despite its heavy flavors, it's just as fresh as you'd expect from an organic coffee brand. The beans are roasted immediately before packaging, and it's shipped in an airtight bag that helps it maintain its quality.

Another great thing about the Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is that it's slow-roasted. This is done to bring out its subtler, fuller flavors, and it's what keeps the brew from being completely dark and bitter. Those fruity notes are a result of the slow-roasting process.

Finally, the Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is naturally harvested. None of its kick comes from chemicals. It's organic, free trade and certified fresh, so it's a brand that will look good on your shelf in more ways than one.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The Dark Ethiopian Yirgacheffe offers a strong, dark flavor with just a hint of sweetness. It isn't for the faint of heart, but if you're serious about jump-starting your day with your morning coffee, it's a brand that will get the job done.

Is Organic Coffee Better Than Regular Java?

If you've never tried organic coffee, you might be wondering how it's different from the usual stuff.

best organic coffee brands

You might also be wondering if it's worth the slightly higher price tag. The answer is yes, but you don't have to take our word for it! 

Here are just a few reasons to reach for an organic label the next time that you're in the coffee aisle.

No Pesticides

The biggest draw of organic coffee is that it's grown and harvested without chemical assistance. There are no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides used in the agricultural process. If fertilizer is needed to help the beans grow, farmers use natural things like compost and coffee pulp. This means that organic coffee shoppers are getting home-grown beans without nasty additives of any kind.

Eco-Friendly Farming

Another great thing about organic coffee is that it helps the environment. When coffee beans are grown in fields that have been chemically treated for mass production, the soil is poisoned and the local ecosystem suffers for it. Meanwhile, organic coffee doesn't damage the earth, and it's harvested in a way that emits less carbon into the air. It's often grown in the shade, too, so it encourages and utilizes tree growth. You'll battle deforestation, climate change and environmental pollution all at once!

Richer, Longer-Lasting Flavor

This is a subject of intense debate among caffeine junkies, but there are organic coffee drinkers who swear that they can taste the difference between natural and unnatural beans. Since organic coffee is naturally higher in antioxidants, who's to say that they're wrong? Their palette might be responding to the unique nutrients and compounds in their 100 percent arabica blends.

Sustainable Business Practices

Most organic coffee brands purchase their beans from "fair trade" farms. These farms don't use child or slave labor, and they pay their workers a fairer wage than others in the industry. When you shop organic, you can be proud that you're supporting good business practices instead of shady, cost-cutting measures from companies that are only concerned about their bottom line.

These are just a few reasons why you might switch to organic coffee. If you don't want to hurt the environment or swallow a big mouthful of chemicals with your morning cup of joe, consider going green with your caffeine!

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