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Hello there, friend!

In our blog we share our expertise and help you with your coffee-struggles.

One of the things you’ll notice in our blog is that it isn’t the biggest blog on the planet – which was our whole point. We don’t want you to get lost in a sea full of irrelevant information. Instead, we want you to easily navigate the coffee-related reviews, guides, tips and tutorials available here.

All information we’ve used come from reliable sources. We’ve combined them with our experience to make you understand better. In fact, your taste buds will surely thank us for the choices. Since I know that false information will do no good to our reputation, don’t hesitate trusting our reviews to take the plunge. This could save you a lot of time, money and frustration many coffee enthusiasts go through.

We’ve designed our blog as conveniently as possible by avoiding annoying banners popping up on your screen. As a result, you can go through our blog without any hassle or inconvenience.

Who's Behind the Dripped Coffee - Our Expert Network

At DrippedCoffee, we are passionate about what we do. Here are some of the amazing people who work with DrippedCoffee.

Krista Haws

Editor, DrippedCoffee

Krista Haws

The 'double shot before leaving the house' type, Krista loves bringing better tasting coffee to the world. Known among her friends as 'the caffeine fiend', she's obsessed with all things coffee. From an extremely short, strong espresso to a 3 day cold brew, Krista loves everything about them, from the roasting process down to pre-heating espresso cups.

"It's an honor to be the editor here at DrippedCoffee. I'm so excited to be able to share my experience with coffee to our amazing readers."

Anne Mercer

Seasoned Barista, Currently working at J.René Coffee Roasters.

Anne Mercer

Hailing from and a current resident of New England, Anne Mercer is a coffee expert and marketer. When she's not tinkering around with coffee recipes at work and home, she can be found exploring the great outdoors, visiting local coffee shops in her area, and finding new ways to stay active. As an avid traveler, Anne has a bucket list of destinations she’d love to visit around the globe—many of them with lists of coffee shops and roasters to visit.

"My coffee experience started way back in high school as a barista at a local coffee shop/bakery in 2009."

Favorite Brewing Method:

My favorite brewing method is a toss-up between the Hario V60 and the AeroPress. I love the AeroPress' portability, making it perfect for great coffee while hiking, camping, or being stuck in a hotel room. I have such fun playing around with different coffees on the V60, too. It's always fascinating to change even the slightest variable and see how it affects the end cup.

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Giada Nizzoli

Poet, Book Writer & Espresso Fanatic

Giada Nizzoli

Giada was born in the country of espresso, but has moved to the UK many years ago, where she worked as a barista and graduated in 'Creative & Media Writing' from the University of Portsmouth. She is now a freelance copywriter and content writer, as well as a published poet and author. She loves raccoons, 80s music, the Oxford comma, and discovering unashamedly hipster cafés around the world.

"I actually have lots of experience writing about (and drinking!) coffee. I grind beans myself and brew them at home, currently using the kalita wave, a moka pot and, occasionally, a french press."

Favorite Brewing Method:
Pour Over Coffee using the Kalita Wave dripper!

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Garrett Oden

Former Barista, Seasoned Coffee Expert.

Garrett Oden

Garett has 8+ years of experience working in coffee and have worked with brands across our industry’s spectrum.

Garrett Oden's logos

While a barista at a local coffee shop, Garrett found a niche writing articles for other coffee companies. After a few years, it developed into the full-time gig, enabling Garrett to travel, eat, and cook for a living.

He currently blogs over at CoffeeBrewGuides.com.

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Dennies John

Former Barista, Founder & Head of Marketing at DrippedCoffee

Dennies John

Dennies started DrippedCoffee to serve the home barista community with the best coffee resources. He can read coffee like the back of his hand and brew it like it is in coffee shops.

"I’m someone who has served in multiple coffee outlets as an experienced barista for years. I actually believe that I’ve spent more time next to a coffee machine than real humans."

Favorite Brewing Method:
The french press and the Aeropress!

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