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8 Strongest Coffee Beans in the World for Caffeine Junkies

For you, coffee is more than a simple morning brew, right? It’s a necessity. It’s the liquid fuel that you need in order to power up for the day and face any challenge that life throws at you. However, you’re so used to it that a regular cup is no longer enough to fulfill this vital mission.

Well, we’ve got you covered! 

Check out our buying guide and reviews of the strongest coffee beans in the world to find the one that hits both the strength and flavorful spot for you.

Mind you: some of these are stronger than the recommended caffeine daily allowance.

Keep reading (at your own risk!).


biohazard coffee
  • Highest caffeine levels
  • Focus on strength and heavy body
  • Available in large bags

Death Wish Coffee

DEATH WISH COFFEE Dark Roast Coffee Grounds [5 Lbs.] The World's Strongest, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Arabica, Robusta (1-Pack)
  • Double the caffeine of an average cup
  • Organic
  • Stronger Robusta and premium Arabica beans

Black Label

"Black Label" Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Strongest Coffee in the world With Highest Caffeine, Lab Tested, USDA Certified Organic (16 oz.)
  • High-altitude beans
  • Rich, dark roast flavors
  • Organic high-altitude coffee

Strongest Coffee Beans Buying Guide to Find the Right Kind of Caffeine Kick for You

world’s strongest coffee

Any of the options included in our strongest coffee beans review could be a decaf drinker’s worst nightmare, but let’s make sure you find the dreamiest one for your taste buds and needs.

What does strong coffee mean to you?

Many brands claim they make the strongest coffee in the world, which doesn’t exactly help. We believe that the most important step to succeed in your caffeinated quest is to understand what ‘strong coffee’ means to you.

Is it about caffeine levels?  (1)

One cup of brewed coffee (8 oz) contains about 70–140 mg of caffeine, or about 95 mg on average.” Healthline.

If you need an extra kick, just look for options with more, but keep these numbers in mind to have an actual idea as to how caffeinated the strongest coffee beans in the world are.

Or maybe your priority is a stronger, deeper flavor? In that case, dark roasts will be your best friends: they result in a bold and full-bodied brew that tastes stronger than lighter alternatives.

Stay safe with all that caffeine!

Keep in mind that the daily recommended caffeine limit for most healthy adults is 400 mg. (2)

Some of the strongest coffee beans included in this list contain more than that… per cup! So be mindful of how much you consume and how often you drink them.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety or heart problems and is either pregnant or breastfeeding should probably abandon this list and look for the best coffee beans instead.

Type of beans: Arabica or Robusta?

Here’s the thing. Ask any barista or coffee champion and they’ll tell you that Arabica beans are better. It makes sense since they’re rarer, more difficult to grow, and result in superior flavors.

However, because you’re interested in the strongest coffee beans, we’re going to be controversial: Robusta is a more logical choice, for you. (3)

The bean is small and round but contains twice the amount of caffeine (hence the name) than the ovular Arabica.” Perfect Daily Grind 

PRO TIP: choose Robusta beans if you want to focus on higher caffeine levels, Arabica if you prefer more nuanced and deeper flavors, or an Arabica & Robusta blend for a balanced result.

Single-origin or blend?

The climate and one-of-a-kind conditions of the place where it was grown have a noticeable impact on the bean. 

That’s why, if you want to celebrate its uniqueness and learn to appreciate different taste notes, you should stick to single-origin coffee (especially if you always take it black and without sugar).

However, if you prefer adding cream or perhaps you were after a balanced Arabica/Robusta solution, blends will be more adequate. 

Because they consist of beans from different origins, they’re crafted by roasters to achieve a specific profile or, in the case of the strongest coffee beans, a balance between high caffeine and delightful flavors.

Type of roast: light, medium or dark?

If you read a strong coffee beans review that sounds perfect for you but you’re tempted to go ‘oh, it’s a light roast, so it’s probably not strong enough,’ relax and keep reading. 

Contrary to popular belief, the roasting process doesn’t actually affect caffeine levels. It all depends on how the beans are measured since it’s simply their density that changes.

When measured by scoops, light roasts contain slightly higher caffeine levels: if you want a stronger coffee without tweaking your usual ratios, you could look for those.

However, we believe it’s more helpful to focus on flavors.

Lighter roasts have more vibrant and fruitier profiles and a thin body, whereas darker roasts are characterized by deeper flavors with chocolate or caramel notes and a stronger body.

Obviously, medium roasts are a practical compromise.

Beans or grounds?

Do you value strength and practicality above everything else or are you happy to sacrifice a few seconds of your coffee routine in favor of freshness and enhanced flavors?

Grounds are a handy choice if you usually drink your coffee in a rush and always brew it with the same method.

However, if you’re happy to invest in a burr grinder, choosing whole beans will guarantee maximum freshness and, therefore, superior flavors. This will also allow you to grind them correctly for all kinds of brewing methods.

death wish coffee review

Strongest Coffee Beans of 2021 for a Powerful Start to Your Day [Top 8 Reviews]

The names alone are enough to give you an idea of how powerful these strong coffee beans are, so let’s start with our top 5.

Amazon Product
  • 928 mg of caffeine in a 12 oz cup
  • Four times the amount of an average coffee
  • Organic
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Amazon Product
Death Wish Coffee
  • Strong both in caffeine and flavor
  • Organic and sustainable
  • Premium blend
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Amazon Product
Devil Mountain Black Label
  • High-altitude beans grown organically
  • Strong body and rich flavors
  • Memorable branding
View on Amazon
Amazon Product
Banned Coffee
  • Affordable choice
  • Three times the amount of caffeine
  • Bold but smooth (never bitter!)
View on Amazon
Amazon Product
Hardcore Coffee
  • Most versatile grounds
  • Double the caffeine of regular coffee
  • Balanced flavor and body
View on Amazon

Scared or intrigued? If it’s the latter, let’s keep going and see which one can actually give you the energy kick that you’re after.

1. Biohazard - Strongest Coffee

biohazard coffee

Type: single-origin robusta, medium-fine grounds

Roast: dark

Origin: varied but mainly Columbia & Vietnam

Best for: those who need an emergency caffeine punch for all nighters or particularly long days

You’ve asked for the strongest coffee beans, so the first recommendation could only be Biohazard: (4)

“Gone are the days of having multiple cups of coffee to stay active and awake throughout the day. Biohazard Coffee is the world’s strongest at 928 mg per 12 oz. cup of coffee.” Business Wire

Don’t worry about the name (which we still think it’s pretty clever): it’s actually completely organic!

This coffee has a heavy body and an earthy taste but we especially recommend it to those who want to focus on the caffeine side of things. 

With four times the amount that your barista would brew and double that of energy drinks, a single cup of Biohazard coffee has more than your recommended daily dose of caffeine, so… use it wisely!

You can get it in 1 or 5 lbs bags and it’s ground to work with most brewing methods.

Bottom line: a recipe for productivity and, if you drink it quite late, sleepless nights. An infallible ally for students and late-shift workers!

2. Death Wish Coffee - Premium Pick

DEATH WISH COFFEE Dark Roast Coffee Grounds [5 Lbs.] The World's Strongest, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Arabica, Robusta (1-Pack)

Type: Robusta & Arabica blend, medium grounds

Roast: dark

Origin: India & Peru

Best for: for those who don’t want compromise when it comes to strength and flavor

As well as being one of the best dark roasts, this is undoubtedly one of the strongest coffees in the world when it comes to both caffeine and flavor.

It relies on high-quality Arabica beans and stronger Robusta to guarantee a smooth brew with cherry and chocolatey tones... and double the caffeine of your average cup of joe.

Available in 1 or 5 lbs bags, Death Wish Coffee is also organic and fair-trade. Learn more about them in our Death Wish Coffee review.

Bottom line: Powerful coffee that’s strong in every sense of the word.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

3. Devil Mountain Black Label - Best Dark Roast

"Black Label" Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Strongest Coffee in the world With Highest Caffeine, Lab Tested, USDA Certified Organic (16 oz.)

Type: blend, beans

Roast: dark

Origin: varied

Best for: those who want strong coffee but prefer dark roasts

Made with organic high-altitude beans, this coffee has a distinctive aroma, a stronger body, richer flavors, and… 200% more caffeine than your usual brew! 

As they say, Devil Mountain coffee is ‘so powerful it’s a sin.’ (5)

This coffee packs the kind of punch that might actually be dangerous if you have trouble handling the jitters.” Taste of Home Magazine 

Roasted near Mount Diablo in California, it’s also the official coffee of the Sonoma raceway.

Grab a 16 oz bag or, if you already know that you won’t be able to control yourself, 32 oz.

Bottom line: powerful coffee, rich aroma, and undeniably cool packaging.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

4. Banned Coffee - Best Value

"Black Label" Dark Roast Ground Coffee, Strongest Coffee in the world With Highest Caffeine, Lab Tested, USDA Certified Organic (16 oz.)

Type: Arabica & Robusta blend, beans, grounds or K-Cups

Roast: medium-dark

Origin: various countries across the world

Best for: an affordable blend that’s great value for money

More caffeine doesn’t necessarily mean more money!

If you’re after a high-quality but affordable alternative, check out Banned Coffee. It has three times the amount of caffeine than the most popular energy drinks. What even is sleep?!

This coffee taps into the boldness of darker roasts but maintains the smoothness and brightness of medium beans.

The result is a strong coffee that combines berries and chocolate notes, low acidity, bold flavors, but absolutely no bitterness.

16 or 32 oz bag?

Bottom line: Great value for money and perfect for those who’re after both higher strength and enjoyable flavors.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

5. Hardcore Coffee - Best Grounds

Hardcore Coffee Strong Dark Roasted Organic High Caffeine Cup Coffee, Strong Coffee, 1-Pound

Type: proprietary blend, medium grounds

Roast: dark

Origin: --

Best for: a quick and practical brew

Twice as strong as regular joe, Hardcore Coffee is another tasty option.

Although it’s marketed as a dark roast, we thought it tasted closer to medium ones, but for good reasons: it combines bold and rich flavors in a balanced way.

As the roaster says, ‘Coffee should bite you in the face AND make you feel good.’ This organic blend does exactly that.

Available in 16 oz bags, its medium grind makes it ideal for various brewing methods.

Bottom line: A versatile medium grind for those who occasionally change brewing methods but aren’t ready for a grinder.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

6. Killer Coffee - Best Arabica

Killer Coffee Ground 16 Oz - Good Strong Coffee

Type: Arabica blend, medium grounds

Roast: dark

Origin: South America & Africa

Best for: those who want stronger coffee but will only drink Arabica beans

Australia’s strongest coffee will turn your world upside down (in a good way). 

Strong and rich but never bitter, these grounds ensure a smooth brew with aromatic caramel notes.

Because it’s small-batch roasted, each 16 oz bag is also very fresh. Plus, it’s made ethically and sustainably.

Bottom line: If you want strong coffee but prefer the superior flavor of Arabica beans, this is the powerful upgrade that you were after.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

7. Black Insomnia Coffee - Best Blend

Black Insomnia Bean Coffee

Type: Arabica & Robusta blend, beans

Roast: medium

Origin: different regions renowned for high-caffeine beans

Best for: those who want to tap into the higher strength of Robusta beans but without straying away from an Arabica element

Sourced from coffee regions that are famous for their high-caffeine beans, it’s clear that a lot of care goes into this blend. 

This roaster has been creating magic liquids since 1932 and they still rely on small batches and the traditional Italian method.

They’ve found the perfect combination of caramel and nutty aromas as well as an indulgent dark chocolate aftertaste.

Obviously, they didn’t forget about strength: how does 1105 mg per 12 oz cup sound?

Available in 16 oz bags.

Bottom line: with a velvety body and a delightful crema, this nutty and chocolatey coffee is proof that some blends can be truly outstanding.

Check Latest Price on Amazon

8. Very Strong Coffee - Best Subscription

very strong coffee

Type: Robusta blend, beans or medium-fine grounds

Roast: dark

Origin: various countries

Best for: those who always want to have their coffee stash replenished

Very Strong Coffee is true to its name: double the caffeine but also double the flavor and with a particularly powerful aroma.

With the highest-caffeinated Robusta beans and the characteristics of darker roasts, this coffee is ideal for those who’re after high caffeine levels and deeper flavors.

You can also get it as a customizable subscription available in different sizes, as frequently as once a month or as rarely as once per season.

Bottom line: a handy subscription to never run out of some of the strongest coffee beans ever again.

Check Latest Price


1. What is the strongest type of coffee bean?

Robusta beans are the strongest type of coffee beans: they contain roughly double the amount of caffeine compared to Arabica varieties.

2. Which brand of coffee has the most caffeine?

Biohazard and Death Wish are the brands of coffee that have the most caffeine. A single cup of either of them will get you to exceed the recommended daily amount of caffeine (for real!).

3. How strong is Death Wish coffee?

Death Wish is one of the strongest coffee beans in the world: with 59 mg of caffeine per fluid oz, it results in double the amount of an average cup.


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Born in Italy but currently brewing from the UK, Giada is a highly-caffeinated coffee expert with a soft spot for espressos. She worked in cafés for years and has recently fallen in love with the practical Kalita Wave (just don’t tell her Italian moka pot!).

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