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Phillips Saeco HD8857/47 Exprellia Evo Review

Update: The Philips Saeco HD is no longer available and is discontinued. Instead, we recommend you to go for the Breville Barista Express (our best of the best pick).

After much research and experimentation, we have finally chosen a winner for our best automated espresso machine!

And the winner is….

The Phillips Evo. 

This machine makes life easy across all aspects of coffee making – even the cleaning and descaling is automated. Score!

Read on to find out:

  • What features this machine has
  • What’s great about it
  • What’s not so great about it

And ultimately, why we chose it as our best automated machine. After reading this article, you will definitely want this machine!

Saeco HD8857/47 Philips Exprellia EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

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What Features Make the Phillips Evo So Special?

“Only the Saeco Exprellia Evo espresso machine delivers the ultimate milk experience thanks to the new H2 technology milk carafe and the full bean to cup customisation.”

Although we chose this machine based on its automation capabilities, it would be a disservice to not point out the new H2 technology that is exclusive to this machine. The innovative H2 technology milk carafe is one of the most prevalent features on this model, and it provides the following benefits:

· Fully automated milk frothing – just fill the carafe, choose you drink, and the machine does the rest.

· Provides a dense, long-lasting flow of milk, all at the perfect temperature.

· Splash free which prevent cross contamination of your milk and coffee

And that’s not all. This machine has several other fantastic features:

· Double boiler: This features ensure that the milk and water are both heated to their optimal temperatures – your milk will be piping hot, while your coffee won’t be over stimulated.

· Crema and body boost function: Another feature that is unique to Phillips, this dial allows you to adjust the pressure to get the perfect amount of crema to suit your taste.

· No wait time for heating between coffees – make as many as like as quickly as you like!

· Save your settings – Once you find the setting to make the perfect cup your way, you can save them so you never have to go to the effort of continually adjusted dials and settings. Simply save and reuse the settings with the push of a button.

· Ceramic grinders: These grinders ensure a quiet operation and they make sure the coffee isn’t overheated during the grinding process to avoid your coffee having a burnt taste.

· Automatic cleaning: The machine will automatically self clean whenever you switch it on or off. The milk carafe also had a dual stream cleaning process ensuring you aren’t left with bits of sour milk hanging around the chambers.

· Automatic descaling: Not only will the machine tell you when it needs descaling, it will also start the process for you.

The Phillips Evo comes with a standard fifteen month warranty and also has options for an extended warranty:

  •  A three or four year warranty at at an additional cost.

Video Review: Philips SAECO Exprelia HD8857/47

For a full demonstration, do check out the video review below.​

How Does the Phillips Evo Work?

The automation on this machine makes it super easy to use:

  • Simply fill up the water tank and milk carafe (if required)
  • Add your coffee beans
  • Select your drink

And that’s it! No need to even clean the machine after use as it’s all done for you!

If you’re ready to try some custom options, try changing the pressure of the crema and boost dial to change the body and crema level of your espresso.

You can also change the strength of the coffee and the milk temperature. And once you find your perfect customised coffee, don’t forget to save those settings! With the Phillips Evo, never again will you find your perfect drink ad ever be able to recreate it again.

The Pros of the Phillips Evo

  • Self cleaning! Need we say more? Never again will you have to spend time dismantling and cleaning your machine – even the milk carafe is auto cleaned
  • Easy to use: The machine is so simple to use. From the automated settings, to experimenting, everything is really clear.
  • The dual boiler: No more spoilt coffee as the water heats with the milk!
  • Fairly small and lightweight – at only 35lbs and measuring 13 x 20 x 19.8 inches, this machine won’t look imposing on your counter top.
  • A professional product from a well known brand

The Cons of the Phillips Evo

  • It’s a little bit slower than some other models at making the coffee
  • There’s no clock on the machine

Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Phillips Evo

Here are top tips for ensuring your Phillips Evo lasts as long as possible and makes great tasting coffee every time:

  • Use only a good quality coffee
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Descale the machine when prompted
  • Experiment with the settings and don’t forget to save your favourites
  • Use a dry roast bean
  • Make sure the set up is completed properly

What's the Bottom Line?

At first glance, $2000 seems like a lot for a coffee machine, but it’s true that you get what you pay for, and the Phillips Evo delivers on every front. And it’s self cleaning!

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