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Keurig K425 v/s K525 – Comparison and Review

Update: Both the Keurig K425 and the K525 machines are discontinued and are no longer available. We recommend you to choose a Keurig machine from our list of the best Keurig coffee makers.

The review below is no longer valid.

Are you torn between buying the Keurig K425 and K525? What accounts for the difference in their prices? And is it worth splurging on the latest unit?

All your questions are answered here.

Unlike other comparisons, we found that comparing K425 and K525 wasn’t exhausting. This is because they actually have certain key differences that set them apart.

Which, in return, will help you to draw your conclusions.

Keep reading to figure them out!

Keurig K425

Keurig K525


Removable 70-ounce

Removable 80-ounce

Drip Tray




​2.4'' Colour Touch Display

2.8'' XL Colour Touch Display

K-Carafe and resuable filter

Not included

Not included




Temp and strength control



Customizable wallpaper and night light

Not available


Keurig K425

Keurig K425

Keurig K525

Keurig K525

Specs and Design

K425 and K525 are units from the same Keurig 2.0 product line and they brew all pod varieties from K-Cups to K-Mugs and K-Carafes. In total they offer about 11 different brew sizes, so that you can always pour yourself just the right amount of coffee.

Though not included, you can purchase a Keurig K-Carafe separately from Amazon and brew 4 cups at a time - taking the functionality of these single-serve brewers to a whole new level.

What’s more:

They look the same too.

In fact:

All Keurig models share their same signature design.


Two settings, namely the customizable wallpaper and ‘night light’ settings found on K525 are absent on K425.

They actually make the K525 brewer more alluring for everyday use. For those concerned about not only a rich cup of coffee, but also home decor, then K525 would serve to be a lovely addition.


The biggest problem associated with these models lie with the variety of pods they accept.

In fact:

If you buy it, we need to assume that you either are a diehard Keurig K-pod fan, or someone who don’t mind the hassle of performing some tricks to have your coffee brewed.


They only accept pods from Keurig by scanning and rejecting pods from other brands. Should you choose a pod from another brand, you need to cut and tape the Keurig foil and fool the machine to have it brewed.


Both machines heat up pretty fast, and give you the benefit of obtaining plain hot water for other purposes.

In other words:

They can act as a kettle too!


The taste, as usual, is not something you’d complain about. Keurig has always lead the market and have ensured that the consumer taste buds are satisfied.

The best and dearly loved features found in both units are the temp and strength controls. They allow you to brew your cup of joe just the way you want it. Even better, if you buy yourself a reusable filter, you’ll be able to brew from your own grounds as well.


Both the machines feature a color touch display. However, the display of K525 is a tad larger than that of K425, ensuring better readability and easier access.

What’s more:

The K525 features the industry’s largest 80-ounce reservoir, which is just 10 ounces larger than K425. If there are many coffeeholics at home, then you can go about brewing at least 8 cups back to back.

It only takes a minute to heat up, and less than a minute to pour you a cup.


The best part about these reservoirs is that, in addition to being large, they’re removable. So you need not to carry the entire machine to the sink every time you need a refill.

Even Better:

Both the machines are programmable and they come with a digital clock. This allows you to have your cup ready even before leaving the bed.

Also, the drip trays are removable. Once removed, they can accommodate mugs that fall under 7 inches in height.

Chances are, you can not only have the coffee brewed in your favorite way, but also served in your favorite mug!

What's the Bottom Line?

Except for 3 key differences, K425 and K525 are pretty much the same. They have the same brewing system, functionality and most importantly, are programmable.

So it’s in your hands to decide whether the 10-ounce difference in the reservoir capacity, the extra wallpaper and nightlight features and the difference in the display are worth the extra cost of K525.

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  1. As a matter of fact the 425 can customize the background display. So slightly off in the review for that. The 425 doesn’t appear to have an option to modify the nightlight though.


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