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Keurig K10 v/s K15 – What’s the Difference?

Update: The Keurig K10 is no longer available and is discontinued. Thus, we recommend the upgraded model - The Keurig K15.

Both Keurig K10 and K15 are exactly the same units - inside out.

Mini coffee makers are the epitome of convenience and their portability alone make them worth a buy.

Among them are the K10 and K15. They’ve gained popularity in Keurig’s Mini Line of brewers due to their balanced mix of functionality and convenience.

However, they’ve arose confusion in their wake.

So we took it as our cue to intervene and clarify your doubts so that you won’t make a buy that you’d regret.

Scroll down to sneak a peek on how they match and how they don’t.

Keurig K10 v/s K15 - Complete Review and Comparison

They're actually the same in all sense!

The Keurig K10 is discontinued and is no longer available. Thus we recommend the Keurig K15 as it's the upgraded model.

Brew Sizes



Not available

Drip Tray



Button control

Temp/Strength Control

Not available

Specs and Design

Keurig K15 is the twin model of K10 and they both have a smaller footprint of 6.9"W x 10.7"D x 10.8"H and identical designs.

Light in weight, they weigh the same too. This means that even internal parts are identical to one another.


Some claim that K15 is the upgraded version of K10.

But given the similarities, it’s highly unlikely that Keurig would’ve made any internal changes.

After all:

Keurig is a brand known for their weird marketing tricks, and K10 and K15 aren’t the only pair to stir confusion.

Variety and Taste

The biggest selling point of these units is that they allow pods from whatever the brands you prefer. So you can go about trying the flavors that call for you, without a worry in the world.

Both machines accept your own coffee grounds as well. However, for that matter, you need to buy yourself a reusable coffee filter.

Up for a change?

No problem, the machines are experts in brewing not just coffee. Even tea, hot cocoa, specialty, and iced beverages come out as great as it could ever be.


Note that these machines are compatible only with K-Cups and have just 3 brew sizes to choose from. Hence they can serve only one at a time.


Not all mugs may fit underneath these coffee makers because the design boasts a smaller footprint. But the good news comes with the removable drip tray. This makes room for most mugs once the tray is out of the way.


None of the brewers contain a water reservoir – which means you need to add the required ounces of water every time you pour yourself a cup.

This might be an inconvenience for some, but given that they were made targeting a household of only 1 or 2 coffee drinkers, this is acceptable.

The control panel, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward to operate because it only features buttons. There won’t be any confusions, and once the machine set to work, they can both heat and brew in under 2 minutes.

Not the fastest machines to date, but given that they begin the process with a fresh cup of cold water, it’s pretty fast.

What Sets them Apart

We dug into every corner on both of these models, and did our share of homework to discover their differences.


We found none.

Yes, you read it right. Both K10 and K15 are exactly the same units - inside out.

Then why are they named differently?

To increase sales of course! K15 is simply the more recent version of K10, without any modification except the name.

However, it has now entirely replaced K10 and comes in a few different colors that weren’t there before. So you can find a color to match your kitchen deco.

You can also check out my detailed review on the Keurig K15.

What's the Bottom Line?

One thing to note down before you conclude your purchase decision is that Keurig K15 comes with 6 sample pods to start with.

If you’re a beginner to the coffee world, then these samples would give you the exposure you need.

However, it’s in your hands to weigh which would best suit you and remember that they’re very basic units intended to give you a quick fix at the touch of a button.

But if you want your cup prepared in your way, for more than one at a time with the convenience of a reservoir, then this unit won’t do. Instead, opt for a more expensive Keurig model with extra bells and whistles such as temp and strength control.

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