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How to Store Ground Coffee

Brewing coffee at home has never been more popular for coffee enthusiasts. Whether you’re working from home or just enjoying a lazy morning, it will always be coffee first in tackling whatever it is you have for the day.

That being said, the key to getting yourself ready for the day is a fresh cup of coffee made from nothing else but good ground coffee. How you store your ground coffee will greatly affect the quality of your cup of joe, and if stored right, it will produce a rich flavor and aroma which will definitely give you a boost.

Best Ways to Store Ground Coffee

Everyone has their own ways to store coffee, but here we compile the best ways to store your coffee grounds to give you a nice cuppa.

Airtight/Light Proof Containers

coffee beans and sugar in glass bottles

Using an airtight or light-proof container such as jars, coffee bags or bottles is the classic way for almost everyone to store coffee grounds or coffee beans. When using these kinds of containers, make sure that it is tightly sealed to prevent air exposure. The longer your ground coffee is exposed to air, the more it loses its freshness.


Yes! You can put your ground coffee in a freezer. If you buy coffee in bulk, the perfect way to store them for a long time is to put them in the freezer in a vacuum-sealed plastic or airtight container. They typically last for six months to one year depending on how good and tight you store them. However, do not refreeze ground coffee as repeated thawing will lose its flavor.

Retailer Coffee Bag

No container? No problem. Don’t throw out the coffee bag your ground coffee came with. It can serve as convenient storage for your grounds, but be sure to reseal it properly every after use. Use a clipper or something similar and remove as much air before closing the bag.

Coffee Canister

different kinds of coffee cannisters

There are canisters that are specially made for storing coffee which you can buy in your favorite store. Since it is specifically for the purpose of storing coffee, you can be assured that you can use this type of canister to keep your coffee grounds fresh even for a long time.

Why Your Ground Coffee Is Losing Its Flavor

Ground coffee’s greatest enemies are oxygen, moisture, and temperature. Storing ground coffee for long periods is not ideal as the process of grinding the beans exposes the coffee to air, which in turn, affects its quality and freshness. So if you purchase in bulk, it is best to buy coffee beans instead and grind them when it’s brewing time.

Also, when storing your coffee, avoid placing it under direct light or heat. As ground coffee is highly perishable, high temperatures may shorten the storage life of your coffee. Since they are considered hygroscopic, coffee grounds and coffee beans are good at absorbing moisture. So storing it at a high temperature may result in moisture that will affect the texture or taste of the coffee.

Knowing how to store ground coffee will not only prolong your coffee’s life but will also preserve its flavor and freshness.

Tips for Buying Fresh Coffee

coffee beans from a coffee tree

Buying in a local roaster is an ideal way to have fresh beans. You can request a new roast bean or the type of bean you specifically like. You can also help your local community and help them with their business and most of them are willing to go beyond to help you to get the best coffee experience imaginable. Supporting local coffee shops will help you enjoy your morning brew in many ways!

And less is indeed more. Buying less and only what you need for the week is an efficient way to have a flavorful coffee. As coffee relies on the freshness of your grounds, brewing coffee grounds that have been stored for a long period of time may not give you the same enjoyment as you had on the first day.

To get a better estimate of how much coffee beans you should buy so that you don’t get stale ground coffee, it will be good to know how long ground coffee lasts.

What to Do With Stale Ground Coffee

No one wants stale coffee, of course. And more often than not, stale coffee is made from stale coffee grounds. The missing flavor and aroma are nothing but unbearable for those who can’t start a day without coffee. But don’t ditch your stale ground coffee just yet as there are ways to repurpose them.

Use Coffee Grounds as Beauty Hack

It is widely known that coffee has a lot of health benefits. But do you know that coffee is not only for brewing and sipping?

You can use ground coffee to rub on your skin, scalp, and hair. Rub those dead skin cells away as coffee grounds are good exfoliants. In addition, not only is coffee rich in antioxidants, but it also has antimicrobial properties that keep germs away!

Cold-Brew It

Especially in the summer heat, coffee lovers prefer to sip a cold brew to boost their mood. And what better way to make cold brew than to use your stale ground coffee? As it is not acidic compared to its former glory, you can start experimenting and see if it will suit your taste. For all you know, you may find love for a cold brew and never go back to your usual hot cup of coffee.

Explore New Coffee Trend

Different coffee beans have different tastes and through time, they are constantly changing. A new trend for coffee enthusiasts is exploring new tastes by using the method of staling ground or bean coffee.

By letting it sit for weeks or months, the taste and aroma of the coffee are evolving, and who knows there may be a chance that you discover a new flavor that will suit your taste buds!

Final Thoughts

Coffee has been serving us for a long time. We can’t deny it, its mere existence brings us extra happiness. The evolution of coffee may keep going on, but do expect that for years to come, coffee will still be the first thing you’ll need in your morning run. We have the freedom to enjoy it so do not be afraid to experiment and enjoy your new masterpiece. Just bear in mind that the key to freshly brewed coffee is fresh ground coffee. So remember how to store your ground coffee right so you can start your day right.


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