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How Long Should You Grind Coffee Beans to Make the Best Cup of Joe?

Many people invest in a high-quality coffee grinder and still make coffee that tastes awful or just meh. What’s worse is that they don’t know why that is so, and that drives them nuts! Well, the answer could be in the process of grinding the coffee beans.

The amount of time you grind the coffee beans has a significant effect on the quality of your drink. How long to grind coffee beans? This will depend on what type of coffee you are making as well as the grinder you are using. Let’s get right into the details.

How Long to Grind Coffee Beans?

coffee beans in a coffee grinder

Generally, an electric grinder can take about 22 seconds for finely-ground coffee and 6 to 9 seconds for coarsely-ground coffee. But in most cases, the amount of time it takes to grind coffee beans is determined by the type of grinder and brewing method.

If you love brewing using a French press, you need coarse ground beans and should grind the beans for 9 seconds. But if it’s medium ground coffee you need, then you should be ready to grind for 12 seconds. If you’re looking for an extra finely ground coffee, then you should grind about 0.32 oz of coffee for between 19 to 22 seconds.

How Long Should You Grind Coffee Beans for Espresso?

Espresso is a popular brewing method that forces hot water through grind coffee to create a concentrated and thick beverage. The ground coffee should be as small as ground cinnamon when you finish grinding.

manual coffee grinder coffee in cups and kettle

If it isn’t overly fine, it won’t brew correctly. So if you’re using a manual grinder, you need to grind your coffee beans for about 19 seconds. But make sure you adjust the grinder’s settings to either super-fine or fine ground size for a flavorful espresso.

A burr grinder comes with numerous settings; therefore, you can grind the roasted beans for different types of coffee. If your grinder comes with a numerical setting, try a wide range of settings before getting the right setting. But if you get it wrong at the grinding stage, then your espresso will be flat.

It is important that you get the right setting for your espresso. A slight difference in the grind size is noticeable, especially if you’re serving it to someone who is very particular when it comes to their espresso shots.

Does Finer Grind Make a Stronger Beverage?

pouring coffee into a cup with bread on the side

One of the common myths about coffee is that a darker roast translates to a more robust cup of Joe. But this isn’t always the case. The strength of your drink is determined by the amount of coffee you manage to extract from the ground beans. This means that a longer extraction time and increased surface area will create a potent beverage.

Therefore, to create a strong cup of coffee, you need to consider what happens even before brewing. You will require some finely ground coffee beans to create more surface area for the hot water to pass through. With a vast surface area, the extraction process will take more time, resulting in a robust cup of Joe. Take note that improper grinding of the beans can result in your cup of coffee tasting burnt.

Types of Grinder

Other than the brewing method, another factor that affects the grinding time of coffee beans is the type of grinder.

Generally, there are two major kinds of grinders (blade and burr grinders). These grinders are ideal for certain kinds of brewing techniques. So you need to get the right type of grinder for you to enjoy your favorite cup of Joe.

Burr Grinders

electric coffee burr grinder

Burr grinders produce very fine to medium-fine coffee. These grinders are either conical or flat, and they do come with an automatic time setting. But if you have a manual burr grinder, then you must find out how long you should grind your coffee.

Most folks prefer burr grinders over blade grinders because they produce evenly and uniformly ground coffee.

Experts believe that the secret to a perfectly and evenly ground coffee is not the only time. But it is a combination of numerous factors, including the grind size. Grind size is usually a matter of personal taste and preference, so you can use the trial-and-error method to determine your flavor.

Blade Grinders

coffee blade grinder with whole coffee beans and ground coffee

Blade grinders are designed for producing medium to very coarse grinds. They are ideal for French presses, drip coffee pots, and cold brew coffee.

A blade grinder is one of the most common types of grinders for average coffee lovers. For one, it is less costly and can guarantee you the consistency you want. All you need to do is press the button and wait for the machine to produce your ground coffee.

What Is the Approximate Grinding Time for 0.32 Oz of Coffee Beans?

Generally, grinding about 0.32 Oz of coffee takes between 6 and 22 seconds. The amount of time it takes to get your flavor will depend on the brewing method and grind size. So, for a finer grind, you’ll require more grind time and vice versa.

The finest type of grind you will ever need is for Turkish coffee, and it has to be as fine as baby powder.

How Long Does It Take To Grind Coffee Beans Manually?

A manual coffee grinder takes about 70 revolutions to grind about 10 grams of coffee. This can take you about 40 seconds, but it will depend on your speed and the type of coffee you’ll need.

Final Thoughts

The art of grinding coffee and how it affects the quality of coffee can be overwhelming for beginners. But for coffee lovers, the science of brewing coffee is simply exceptional, and they can do anything for a high-quality cup of coffee. It’s important to note that the aroma and taste of coffee can be decided even before the brewing process begins. Therefore, it’s crucial that you know how long you should grind your coffee beans. Plus, the type of grinder and settings matter a lot.

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