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Nepal Himalayan Coffee Beans – The Complete Guide

One of the most popular types of coffee are Arabica beans.

Not only do they make a delicious cup of coffee, but different beans in this family have different flavor profiles.

Many times, every coffee variety you try will have a different flavor. Himalayan coffee from Nepal falls in this category.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about these fantastic beans!

himalayan coffee beans

Harvesting and Processing

In Nepal, the harvest season is December and January.

These two months are when the coffee cherry are the ripest and can be hand picked.

While dry processing is done in certain areas of Nepal, most areas do wet processing. At one point, wet processing wasn't really heard of and dry processing was actually the method most areas favored.

When coffee cherries are process with the wet method, the processing starts within 24 hours of them being picked. They go through this process to remove the outer shell and to get the bean on the inside. Once this is done, the bean is then dried before being shipped off.

Growing Conditions

Himalayan coffee is grown at about 2,300 feet above sea level. While they grow them in other areas, the main area they grow it at is at the bottom of the Ganesh Himal mountains, which are about 70 kilometers north of Kathmandu.

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The main reason why the coffee isn't grown at higher elevations is because any higher than 2,300 feet above sea level will cause the plants to frost. This will destroy them. Another reason why this area is great for growing coffee is because the soil is rich and has a lot of other plants that can help add a little bit of unique flavor to the beans!

Some of the other areas where it's grown are listed below.

  • Rukum
  • Baglung
  • Guimi
  • Palpa
  • Nuwakot

Flavor Profile

himalayan coffee beans

The overall flavor of this coffee is rustic with a very mild level of acidity. One thing to keep in mind is that different growing areas are going to produce different flavors and aromas.

For example, one place might have the rustic flavor with a traditional aroma, while another area might produce beans that have strong fruit flavors and an apple aroma. The reason this happens is because different areas have different soils and natural plants.

Since all the plants are sharing the same soil, it's normal for flavors to seep into each other.

Best Brewing Methods for Himalayan Coffee 

Most people might think that coffee is great regardless of which method you use, but some varieties have a better flavor with certain brewing methods. The Nepal Himalayan coffee is one of those. 

himalayan coffee beans
Himalayan coffee

There's nothing that says you absolutely have to use one of these methods, but you can get a much better cup of java if you do choose to use them. The way to use these methods with this coffee are described below.

Automatic Drip

The automatic drip machine is the traditional machine that most households have. They're extremely easy to use and can brew several cups at once.

1. Either grind the beans by hand or grind them in your machine if it has that option.

2. Put a well-fitting filter into the filter area of your machine.

3. Put as many scoops of coffee as you want into the filter. The more scoops you add, the stronger the coffee will be.

4. Fill the water tank to the fill line.

5. Push the brew button and wait for the coffee to brew!


The Chemex looks like an hourglass and can offer a stronger and more flavorful cup of coffee. They are made from glass and one of the easiest ways to do the pour over method.

1. You want to use 1 tablespoon of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water. Make sure you grind up your coffee to the grind you want.

2. Heat the water on the stove in either a kettle or pot.

3. Put the grounds in a filter that's made for the Chemex

4. After boiling, let the water sit for a few minutes.

5. Pour enough water to get the grounds wet. Wait for about 30 seconds.

6. Continue pouring the water over the grounds until your glass is full.

7. Remove the filter and enjoy!

French Press

The French Press will give you coffee similar to what you would get at an actual coffee shop. While these machines can be a bit expensive, they are definitely worth it!

1. Measure out 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds per cup of water.

2. Bring the water to a boil on the stove in a kettle or pot.

3. Pour the water over the grounds and stir everything together with a spoon.

4. Position the plunger and push down to get all the air out.

5. Transfer the coffee to your cup and enjoy!

Our Review of the Nepal Himalayan Coffee 

Now that you know some of the specifics of Himalayan coffee, I'm going to share my experience with you. For starters, I knew I was going to have a great cup of coffee because I could smell the beans before I even opened the package.

volcanica nepal himalayan coffee
volcanica himalayan coffee review
Nepala himalayan coffee review
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I went with the whole beans and decided to use the automatic drip method (because my coffee pot has a built in grinder).

I filled up the holding area and put a new filter in. Once that was done, I added water to the fill line.

I sat at my table and waited for what seemed like forever. About halfway through brewing, my entire house smelled absolutely decadent! I finally heard the beep that let me know my coffee was done. I went and poured myself a cup and added my milk and a little sugar.

Before drinking, I brought the cup to my nose and took a deep breath. The aroma it gave took me to a whole other place and I felt like I was in some fancy, high-class cafe halfway around the world. 

I finally took my first taste and my taste buds exploded. The particular variety I tried had a fruity yet earthy flavor. I knew from that moment on I was hooked!

Where To Buy Nepal Himalayan Coffee Beans

The best place to buy this coffee is at Volcanica Coffee Company.

Not only do they guarantee a high quality product every time, but they also guarantee freshness in every shipment.

Nepala Himalayan Coffee

In fact, they don't even roast the beans until you put in your order. This means that you can expect to have the freshest beans possible as soon as you get your beans!

While there are other places you could buy the coffee, there's no guarantee what you're going to get and you never know how they run things. That's the main reason why this company is the best one to go with!

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There's nothing quite like waking up and having a strong cup of Himalayan coffee. Whether it be the flavor or the aroma, you're sure to start your day awesome!

If you've had Himalayan coffee or interested to try it, leave us a comment below!

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