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De’Longhi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker Review

Have you been put off buying an espresso maker due to the initial outlay? At upwards of $2000 for some of the machines, the cost is a genuine concern for a lot of people.

Well, you can stop worrying. We are here to tell you that the EC155 from Delonghi, which won our best espresso maker for the money award, is not only affordable, but it’s also pretty dammed fabulous!

Retailing at just under $100, this machine is a budget buy in the sense of the impact it will have on your pocket, but in terms of performance, it isn’t much behind some of the way more expensive models.

De'Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

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While it is usually advisable to buy the best item your budget allows, the De'Longhi EC155 one is by no means settling for second best.

Read on to find out more about:

  • The features of this machine
  • The advantages it has over other, usually more expensive, machines
  • The disadvantages of the machine compared to expensive models

Features of the EC155

“Discover the barista brewing inside you. See how easy it is to make authentic espressos and cappuccino at home.”

For a budget machine, the EC155 still had many great features:

  • Fifteen bar pressure pump. This pump is one of the most important features of the EC155. Stronger than the pumps on many more expensive models, the fifteen bars of pressure will ensure that the full flavour is extracted from your coffee meaning you will get a depth of flavour that is lacking in machines with lower pressure.

  • Milk frotherThe milk frother is a manual frother so you can ensure you are getting the milk exactly the way you like it. The frother is more hygienic than a milk tank with no risk of sour dregs left behind, and it is much easier to clean too.

  • Choice of serves: This is one of the only machines to have the capability of using ground coffee or coffee pods. You can also choose, in the ground coffee mode, whether you want one shot or two so you can adjust the strength of the coffee to easily match you tastes.

  • Rapid Cappuccino technology: This innovative technology is exclusive to Delonghi. It means that the water in your tank will remain at a constant temperature between cups, meaning that there’s no waiting for the water to heat between each cup. This is a great feature if more than one person will be enjoying coffees together.

  • Easy to insert water tank: The water tank is easy to remove and reattach making filling it and cleaning it easy and stress free.

What’s Included?

The EC155 comes equipped with:

  • A fifteen bar pump
  • 35oz removable water tank
  • Three in one filter holder
  • Stainless steel boiler

The EC155 comes with a standard twelve month warranty with optional upgrades:

  • Upgrade to a three year extended warranty for only $7.13
  • Upgrade to a four year extended warranty for only $11.08

The Advantages of the EC155

Although the main advantage of this particular model by far is the super low price, that’s not the only reason to purchase it. Here are a couple of reasons to choose the EC155 over more expensive models:

  • The choice between ground coffee and pod coffee – The more expensive machines don’t have a choice. They offer one or the other. The great thing about this is when you have time, you can make freshly ground coffee and really indulge. If you want a quick coffee before work, you can simply make a pod coffee for quickness.

  • Self priming – Priming your machine before use can be a tricky business. This machine does the priming for you when you first switch it on, which is something the expensive models just don’t offer. This is a real time saver, and it will keep your stress levels down too!

The Disadvantages of the EC155

Compared to paying five, ten or twenty times the price of this machine, the disadvantages aren’t a huge big deal, but they are worth bearing in mind if you have the budget to go for a more expensive machine:

  • The cup tray can’t be lowered, so you will be limited to using small espresso cups rather than a cup of your choice

  • The machine tends to vibrate on use to the point where it can move a little

It’s also worth noting that this machine is loud. However, this is part and parcel of this type of machine – the more expensive models are loud too!

Top Tips to Get the Most Out of the EC155

Here are a few simple tricks to get the best coffee with every cup:

  • Use only as directed – follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Ensure the machine is cleaned regularly
  • Ensure the machine is descaled regularly
  • Whether you opt for pods, ground coffee or both, use a good quality coffee
  • To get the best flavour, purchase a coffee grinder and grind your own coffee as you need it
  • Fine grounds work best with this machine
  • For best results, opt for a medium or dry roast bean

What's the Bottom Line?

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by this machine. The dual filter is a fantastic touch, and the fifteen bar pump really exceeded the expectations for such a low priced machine.

The EC155 is more than worth the money, and if fear of buying a “cheap” machine had been stopping you from buying an espresso maker, you can confidently invest in this machine. De'Longhi are a well recognised brand that make good quality products and the EC155 is no exception.

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