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Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker Review

We have been excitedly working our way through a whole lot of coffee as we try and test some of the leading models of coffee makers currently available to bring you the latest product news and reviews.

Along the way, we came across the Cuisinart DCC-3200.

In the mid-pricing range of coffee makers (it retails at around the $80 mark) we were interested to see how this machine matches up to the more expensive machines available.

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 DCC-3200 Glass Carafe Handle Programmable Coffeemaker, 14 Cup Stainless Steel

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Read on to find out how we got on and learn a bit more about:

  • The features of this machine
  • How it works
  • The advantages and disadvantages of choosing this machine
  • Some top tips to get you set up for success
  • Who the machine is and isn’t ideal for

The Features of the Cuisinart DCC-3200 Coffee Maker

This machine has the following features:

  • Innovative heating technology – The technology behind the water heating system in the Cuisinart DCC-3200 allows for the water to be extra hot, meaning your coffee will stay hot for longer, without impairing the flavour of the coffee through the brewing process
  • Brew strength options: Choose from regular for a standard strength coffee, or bold for a stronger, more aromatic full flavour brew
  • Pre-programmable: You can set the machine up and pre-programme the timer to begin brewing your coffee anywhere within twenty four hours. This is great if you want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee
  • Amount settings: You can choose to brew a full pot or you can choose the one to four cup setting for a smaller pot of coffee
  • Auto shut off: The machine can be programmed to shut down as soon as the brew is finished or anywhere up to four hours after
  • Adjustable temperature control: You can select how hot the hot plate is. Choose a higher setting for the maximum length of keeping warm time, or choose a lower setting if you have brewed a smaller pot and don’t want to risk the slightly scorched taste that can sometimes occur when coffee is kept on a hot plate for too long
  • Permanent gold tone filter

The following is included with your purchase:

  1. A Cuisinart DCC-3200 machine
  2. A user manual
  3. A gold tone permanent filter – No need to buy filer papers
  4. Charcoal water filter
  5. Glass carafe
  6. A standard twelve months warranty

There are also the options for:

  • An extended warranty of either three or fours for a small additional fee. 

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How Does this Machine Work?

It’s so simple to use.

Add your desired amount of coffee and water.

Push the bold button if you require a stronger brew and hit brew.

It takes around five to ten minutes to brew a full pot.

You can whip the carafe out and pour a quick cup during brewing, but as there’s no actual pause feature, you only get about twenty seconds before the brew drips onto the hot plate so have your cup close at hand!

Things We Like

The advantages of choosing the Cuisinart are:

  • The included water filters which aids in giving your coffee a fuller flavour and also reduces the need for descaling
  • Simple to use
  • Good tasting coffee every time
  • The permanent reusable filter saves you money because you don’t have to buy filter papers
  • Good price
  • The fourteen cups – most machines are ten or twelve cups brews so having the extra cups is great

Things We Didn't Like

We found some disadvantages as well.

  • It’s more steamy than other models so not ideal to be stored underneath cabinets when in use
  • The black covering on the hot plate doesn’t last long – it generally starts peeling away after six to eight weeks
  • Although the carafe is stated to be dishwasher friendly, when you pour your coffee, some will get stuck in the rim and dishwashers don’t seem to be able to get rid of it so be prepared to wash it by hand

Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Machine

Follow the below guidelines to get the most out of your Cuisinart machine:

  • Use only as directed by the manufacturer
  • Ensure the machine is cleaned regularly and thoroughly – Be sure to wipe around the coffee filter rim as sometimes coffee grinds can stick there
  • Be sure to descale the machine regularly
  • Use the provided water filter
  • Make sure you change the filter regularly
  • Use good quality coffee
  • Grind your coffee as needed – don’t pre-grind it earlier in the day or it will start to lose its flavour
  • Use a coarser grind for the bold setting

Who is The Cuisinart Ideal for?

This machine is great for anyone who doesn’t know a lot about the coffee making process and doesn’t want to have to learn.

The simple brewing makes it easy for even a complete beginner to use.

It’s also ideal for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee quickly or entertains larger groups due to the large brewing capacity.

Who is The Cuisinart Not Ideal for?

The Cuisinart isn’t ideal for anyone who is particularly concerned with the aesthetics of their coffee machine.

The design is fairly basic and won’t give your counter tops that wow factor. Also, once the covering starts to peel off the hot plate, the machine doesn’t look all that good.

It does make good coffee though at a good price, so if design isn’t top of your requirement list, don’t let that put you off.

What's the Bottom Line?

Overall, the Cuisinart DCC-3200 is a good machine for the price.

It makes good coffee with minimal fuss and its pre-programmable so you can have your coffee ready to suit you.

It’s a good mid-range all rounder that will do the job well and consistently.

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