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10 Best Flavored Coffees 2021 from Hazelnut to Crème Brûlée

Put that bottle of vanilla syrup down! If you want to add a twist to your morning cup, do your taste buds a favor and choose one of the best flavored coffees instead.

We promise that it’ll be a much better, fuller and healthier experience since the flavoring oils are added directly to the beans.

To help you find the best flavored coffee for your palate, we’ve tried lots of different ones, from pumpkin spice to crème brûlée, and reviewed the most unforgettable beans and grounds.

Let’s help you spice up your coffee routine!

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Flavored Coffee Buying Guide: How to Find the Right Taste for Your Joe

Here are some points that we recommend considering in order to find the best flavored coffee for you.

Natural or synthetic oils?

The flavor compounds that are added to the beans can either be natural or synthetic, but they’re both safe.

While some customers shy away from funny chemical names, when it comes to flavored coffee there’s nothing to worry about, especially if you opt for passionate, professional roasteries (like the ones we’ve included in this best flavored coffee list, of course). 

The difference is simply due to the type of flavor.

For example, natural flavors can be extracted from nuts, chocolate, vanilla, berries or even spices. If you already follow an organic, natural diet, you can always stick to these option.

Obviously, if you’re after the most peculiar tastes, the chances are that the roasters will need some synthetic oils in order to replicate them.

Whichever category your craving falls into, go for it without overthinking it!

Single origin beans or blend?

If you ask a barista or coffee champion, the chances are that they’ll say single-origin. When all the beans come from the same place (a country, region or even a farm) you can really tell how the origin influenced their profile.

However, because flavored coffee brings in an additional element, we don’t think it matters as much. Blends that consist of beans from different origins can even be made to complement that specific flavor.

PRO TIP: blends are great for flavored coffees but you should opt for single-origin beans if you want an element of exclusivity.

Type of coffee roast

  • Because light roasts preserve the unique characteristics of the beans, they will enhance the added flavor, which makes them a more suitable choice for floral, fruitier options;
  • Medium roasts are a more logical choice for those who’re after a balanced result, where the beans’ characteristics and the added flavor have 50/50 importance;
  • Dark roasts, with their caramel-like notes and deeper flavors, are a better option for chocolaty and nutty alternatives.

Whole beans or grounds?

Once coffee beans are roasted, they slowly start losing the volatile compounds responsible for all the flavor nuances, and grinding speeds up this process:

  • That’s why, if you’re after the best and freshest flavors, you should definitely grab a good burr grinder and stick to beans. Because you can grind them at different sizes, this also allows you to brew your flavored coffee with different methods, from the finest espresso to the coarsest French press;
  • However, we can’t deny that grounds are extremely practical, especially if you only ever brew coffee with the same equipment. Plus, when you buy them directly from a roastery, you’ll still get more superior flavors than from those that have sat on a supermarket shelf for months.

Best Flavored Coffees of 2021 [Top 10 Reviews]

Let’s tickle your taste buds with a little overview of the best flavored coffees to choose from:

Amazon Product
LifeBoost Pumpkin Spice
  • Organic pumpkin spice mix
  • Non-GMO coffee
  • Healthy and grown sustainably
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Volcanica Hazelnut
  • Grown on volcanic soil
  • Premium nutty taste
  • Sweet and creamy
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LifeBoost French Vanilla
  • Healthiest flavored coffee
  • No added sugars
  • Naturally sweet
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Volcanica Creme Brulee
  • Grown on different volcanic soils
  • Vanilla, burnt sugar and caramel profile
  • Like eating a crème brûlée while sipping a coffee
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Cameron’s Coffee Highlander Grog
  • Top 10% Arabica beans
  • Rum and butterscotch flavor with sweeter notes
  • Small batch roasted
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Have you already spotted your favorite flavor? Let’s tell you all about it.

1. LifeBoost Pumpkin Spice - Our Top Pick

lifeboost pumpkin spice

Type: single-origin Arabica, beans or medium-fine grounds

Origin: Nicaragua

Roast: medium

Best for: healthy organic coffee (and for those who spend all summer waiting for the pumpkin spice season)

While it’s still a must in October, this particular pumpkin spice is flavourful all year round.

As well as being made with the highest quality Arabica beans, its pumpkin spice ingredients are all 100% organic, just like the coffee itself. Because they’re extracted directly from the spices, there’s no need for added chemical, sugars, or syrupy shortcuts.

LifeBoost is also famous for its healthy and sustainable approach to coffee farming: these single-origin beans are non-GMO, grown at high elevations, free from mold, and entirely fair-trade. 

Discover more about this thought-leading company in our Lifeboost Coffee review.

You can either purchase their pumpkin spice coffee as individual 12 oz bags or choose the right subscription model for your habits so that you never risk running out of it.

Bottom line: If, to you, fall is synonymous with pumpkin spice, this is definitely the best flavored coffee to extend this season throughout the rest of the year.

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2. Volcanica Hazelnut - Premium Pick

volcanica hazelnut

Type: Arabica blend, beans or grounds (drip, espresso, French press)

Origin: different volcanic regions

Roast: medium

Best for: those who prefer nutty flavors

Have you ever tried coffee grown on fertile volcanic slopes?

“Coffee plants, in particular, thrive in volcanic soil, which is characterised by a set of physical, chemical, and mineral properties that make it agriculturally superior to other soil types.” Dr Alexander Steele (1)

Grown over 3000 feet on different volcanic soils from all over the world, this flavored coffee combines the unique characteristics of its high-elevation beans and the nutty flavor of hazelnuts. 

The result is an aromatic beverage with sweet notes and the smoothest, creamiest flavor.

It’s available as 16 oz bags which should keep your flavored coffee cravings at bay for around two weeks.

Bottom line: This volcanic flavored coffee is the perfect hazelnut twist for an explosive start to the day and an infallible conversation starter when you have guests round.

3. LifeBoost French Vanilla - Top Pick Alternative

lifeboost vanilla

Type: single-origin Arabica, beans or medium-fine grounds

Origin: Nicaragua

Roast: medium

Best for: those who love sweet coffee but are trying to cut down on sugar

We couldn’t help adding another LifeBoost flavor to our top 10 of the best flavored coffees (once you’ll try them, you’ll understand why). 

If you loved the sound of this fair-trade, organic company but aren’t a pumpkin spice aficionado, you should try this vanilla option instead.

Free from sugar and unhealthy additives, it relies on natural oil-based extracts to guarantee rich-flavored coffee that’s both creamy and smooth.

Bottom line: A more versatile option by the never-disappointing LifeBoost Coffee, the healthiest and best organic pick.

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4. Volcanica Creme Brulee - Quirkiest Flavor


Type: Arabica blend, beans or grounds 

Origin: different volcanic regions

Roast: medium

Best for: those who were hoping for a truly original flavor

Yep, another Volcanica coffee, but, this time, one that combines the flavors of beans grown on volcanic soil and… a French twist.

With vanilla, burnt sugar and caramel notes, this crème brûlée coffee tastes so authentic that it’ll feel like indulging in this traditional dessert in a guilt-free way.

If you’re tired of the usual vanilla and hazelnut options, this is definitely one of the most creative flavor combinations that you can find.

Bottom line: Volcanic beans and burnt sugar notes: the recipe for a flaming delicious cup of coffee!

5. Cameron's Coffee Highlander Grog - Best for Winter

Cameron's Coffee Roasted Ground Coffee Bag, Flavored, Highlander Grog, 12 Ounce

Type: Arabica blend, medium grounds

Origin: variety of regions between the tropics

Roast: light

Best for: those who want a cozy, almost nostalgic brew

How about adding a sweet boozy kick to your usual coffee? 

Made with the top 10% of the world’s Arabica beans, this coffee combines quality and a nostalgic feel, from the style of its packaging to the coffee aroma and its aftertaste.

It complements a distinctive rum and butterscotch flavor with caramel and vanilla notes. Smooth, tasty and unique!

Available in 12 oz bags, these Cameron’s Coffee beans are roasted in small batches and with an eye for sustainability.

Bottom line: A delicious brew that warms you up inside.

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6. New England Coffee Colombian Supremo - Best Value

New England Coffee Colombian Supremo, Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 11 Ounce (1 Count) Bag

Type: single-origin Arabica, drip grounds

Origin: Colombia

Roast: medium

Best for: those who prefer deeper flavors

At New England Coffee, they handpick Colombia’s top-grade Arabica beans and, thanks to their over 100 years of experience, turn them into a superior medium roast with a deep flavor and a rich, immediately recognizable aroma.

Available as an 11 oz bag, this Colombian Supremo flavored coffee is always roasted in small batches by a coffee-loving family who’s also part of the Sustainable Cup Project.

Bottom line: If you’re not a fan of sweeter alternatives, you can’t go wrong with the bold flavor of these high-quality beans.

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7. Folgers Simply Gourmet Natural Caramel - Best Caramel Coffee

Folgers Simply Gourmet

Type: Arabica blend, drip grounds

Origin: different countries

Roast: medium

Best for: those who want to indulge in sweet caramel notes

Roasted in New Orleans, this Folgers coffee involves a triumph of natural oils to replicate the sweet, luscious flavor of caramel.

This iconic coffee company has over 150 years of roasting experience, so you can definitely trust them when it comes to blends. 

Their caramel-flavored coffee is sold in 10 oz bags but it’s so good that you’ll probably kick yourself for not getting at least two (yep, that was us!).

Bottom line: Best caramel flavored coffee, ideal to start the day right by treating yourself.

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8. Cooper's Cask Coffee - Best Spirit Flavored Coffee

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Whole Bean Set, 3 Bags - Single Origin Sumatra Whiskey, Ethiopian Rye, Rwanda Rum Roasted Coffee Beans, 12oz | The Ideal Holiday Present!

Type: single-origin, beans or grounds

Origin: Sumatra, Ethiopia and Rwanda

Roast: medium and medium-light

Best for: those who can’t resist the flavor of their favorite spirit

Small-batch roasted and barrel-aged, this is ambrosia for the most sophisticated coffee and whiskey lovers.

“Whiskey influence is subtle; some sweetness up front, a twisting tease of whiskey on the finish. Not overdone” - The Whiskey Advocate (2)

Cooper’s Cask Coffee has teamed up with award-winning distilleries to source the best whiskey and rum for their grade 1 single origin beans. After letting them age for 45-60 days, they absorb their distinctive flavors in a superior, unmatched way.

Because this set combines malt whiskey, rye whiskey and rum, it’s ideal to help you find your new favorite flavor or keep mixing them to maintain a varied coffee routine.

Bottom line: Tastiest way to combine single-origin beans and all-time favorite spirits.

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9. Seattle's Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut - Best Nutty Flavor

Seattle's Best Coffee Toasted Hazelnut Flavored Medium Roast Ground Coffee, 12 Ounce (Pack of 1)

Type: Arabica blend, medium-fine grounds 

Origin: Latin America

Roast: medium

Best for: those who’d like a full sensorial experience

Imagine a coffee that complements the complexity of Arabica beans with the aromatic notes of roasted hazelnuts to create a naturally sweet, nutty burst of flavors without added sugars.

That’s Seattle’s Best Coffee hazelnut blend for you, although you’ve gotta believe us when we say that words don’t do it justice. 

Just try one of their 12 oz bags and thank us later!

Bottom line: We’re confident that both its aroma and flavor will win you over.

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10. AmazonFresh Hazelnut Flavored Coffee - Budget-friendly Pick

AmazonFresh Hazelnut Flavored Coffee, Ground, Medium Roast, 12 Ounce (Pack of 3)

Type: Arabica blend, medium-fine grounds 

Origin: Central and South America

Roast: medium-light

Best for: a tasty budget-friendly choice

Since hazelnut is such a popular choice when it comes to the best flavored coffees, we thought we’d give you another option.

This affordable blend brings you the vibrant flavors of a medium-light roast with rich, sweet and toasty notes of hazelnuts.

Plus, each 12 oz bag is roasted in small batches using the best Central and South American beans.

Bottom line: An affordable hazelnut coffee with an exotic Latin American profile.

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1. Who makes the best flavored coffee?

The roasters that make the best flavored coffee are LifeBoost, which focuses on organic beans with a sustainable approach, and Volcanica Coffee, which makes the most of fertile volcanic soil from different areas.

2. How is flavored coffee made?

Flavored coffee is made by coating the beans with natural or synthetic oils and extracts, which differentiates it from flavored beverages obtained by adding syrups after brewing the coffee.

3. What are some coffee flavors?

There is now an incredible variety of coffee flavors to choose from. As well as some all-time favorites like vanilla, hazelnut and pumpkin spice, you can try quirky options like Irish cream and crème brûlée. Basically, if you can’t think of something that would go well with coffee, the chances are that there’s a roaster out there who’s already made it happen!


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