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9 Best Coffee Subscription Boxes for Serious Caffeine Addicts

Coffee subscription boxes are a fun and practical way to expand your horizons beyond the supermarket coffee aisle.

But what if you aren't sure where to get started? What if you need a little help figuring out the best coffee subscription boxes on the market? Here are just seven brands to consider.

1. Atlas Coffee Club - Our Top Pick

Atlas Coffee Club bills itself as a "coffee tour guide."

Atlas Coffee

Every month, they'll send you something new from Colombia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and beyond. It's a great way to get a little culture with your morning brew.

The coffee club doesn't stop with just samples, however. It also includes flavor notes, a brewing guide and a postcard from the country of origin. In this respect, it's less like a coffee service and more like a monthly gift that just so happens to include caffeine.

If you find something that you like, the Atlas Coffee Club also offers a collection of globally curated coffee that you can order from and subscribe to, and it's all available on their website.

You won't have to track down that wonderful dark roast from Indonesia that was delivered in February. You can get it right from the suppliers!

The Good

  • Coffee samples from many different countries
  • Fun extras in the box make it a truly cultural experience
  • Buy what you like from the website

The Bad

  • Can't order the same country's coffee again after it sells out

What's the Bottom Line?

The Atlas Coffee Club isn't the only subscription box that offers coffee from around the world, but between its postcards, flavor guides and digitally-curated collection, it's one of the best.

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Atlas Black Friday Discount

2. Trade Coffee - Another Great Pick

With 400+ coffees to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Trade.

Trade Coffee

Trade is a newcomer to the online coffee world, but they’ve made a huge splash. With over 400 coffees from 50 roasters, Trade has the largest selection of beans on the internet (that we know of). 

Thankfully, the Trade website is cleverly designed to make it easy to find the beans that you’ll love. The quiz—similar to the one from Mistobox—puts you in the right direction, but there are also tons of creative filters for browsing the massive selection.

Every coffee is roasted to order, so it arrives fresh, and you have the option of one-off orders or subscriptions that save you a little on each bag.

The Good

  • Unrivaled selection of 400+ beans
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Only top-shelf beans

The Bad

  • The number of options can get a little overwhelming

What's the Bottom Line?

Trade’s massive roaster and coffee lineup is unrivaled, so if you’re someone who loves trying new coffees frequently, it’s hard to find a more versatile subscription.

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3. Angels' Cup - For Coffee Snobs

Angels’ Cup is the best way to try a huge variety of new coffees. They ship 208 new coffees every year, and they never ship the same thing twice. That means if you’re subscribed weekly, you’ll get to try four new coffee beans per week.

Angels Cup Coffee Review

If you’re a just getting into coffee, it’s a great way to learn what you like. And Angels’ Cup counts many baristas, roasters, and coffee competition winners amongst it’s subscribers as the unique format of blind tastings makes it a uniquely valuable palate training tool. 

Which brings us to the most interesting feature of Angels’ Cup, the blind tastings. Both the Cupping Flight ($10.99) and Black Box ($22.99) include four coffee samples, labeled with only the roast date and a number. The number on the sample can be matched to a card included in the shipment, which reveals the roaster, origin, tasting notes, and some other information.

This lets you try each coffee without bias and decide for yourself what you like. It also lets you try to guess the origin and processing technique. It’s like a wine tasting where a sommelier sips a wine and then says something like “2008 California Pinot". 

And finally, Angels’ Cup has an app with a large community of people who are recording tasting notes on each week’s shipment. It’s a fun way to keep track of the coffees you try, and be part of the community, but not necessarily essential to the experience.

The Good

  • The Cupping Flight starts at only $10.99
  • Free shipping on everything
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled any time with just a click

The Bad

  • No decaf
  • Limited customization options, you choose only the roast and grind

What's the Bottom Line?

All these features make Angels’ Cup one of the most interesting coffee gift options. It’s more than just coffee in the mail, it’s a fun learning experience that people can really geek out on.

Even if you have a local roaster you love to get coffee from, subscribing to Angels’ Cup still makes a lot of sense.

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4. Mistobox - Our Most Popular Pick

Mistobox is one of the biggest names in coffee delivery. They've been around since 2011, and they've amassed a mountain of gushing reviews from people all over the U.S.


So, what's their secret?

It starts with top-notch coffee.

This is the backbone of all coffee subscription boxes, and Mistobox doesn't play around when it comes to quality.

They offer gourmet brands that specialize in things like single-origin, 100 percent arabica beans, and their artisan roasters do everything by hand. Their beans are also roasted after you place your order, not before, so that you can always be assured of their freshness.

Another great thing about Mistobox is its customization potential. When you sign up for your first box, you'll be given several choices concerning roast levels, coffee types and delivery frequencies.

Whether you're looking for a single espresso delivery every two weeks or a light blended sampler every four weeks, Mistobox has you covered.

Are you shopping for a gift? Mistobox makes it easy to purchase something for the java junkie in your life. You choose the price and subscription length; they'll choose the coffee type to be delivered straight to their door. Everyone gets what they want!

There's a reason why Mistobox is one of the biggest names in coffee subscription boxes.

 They're fast; they're flexible; they offer high-quality coffee brands like Ruby and Verve. You could definitely do worse in terms of coffee suppliers.

The Good

  • Many ways to customize
  • Available for both personal use and gift giving
  • A trusted brand with a long history in the business

The Bad

  • Coffee bags only come in one 12 oz size

What's the Bottom Line?

If you aren't quite sure that you trust lesser-known coffee subscription brands, sign up for Mistobox with full confidence in their service and reputation.

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5. Bean Box 

Enjoy the taste of Seattle and Portland when you subscribe to Bean Box.

Both cities are famous for their gourmet coffee roasters, so you can be guaranteed of the origins and the quality of your coffee when ordering from them.


As for what's inside their shipments, Bean Box takes a different approach than other coffee subscription boxes.

You don't pick the brands that you receive.

Instead, you sign up for something like a "Bean Box Sampler" where you're given multiple 1.8 oz bags with different flavors and aromas.

There's also "Coffee of the Month" where you get to try a 12 oz bag of whatever they're currently enjoying in the northwest.

You can choose between light, medium and dark roasts, and you can choose between things like espresso and decaf. But that's it.

The point of Bean Box isn't to craft a detailed and personalized coffee shipment; it's to broaden your palette while knowing that you're still getting top-notch beans from the country's best roasters.

The Good

  • All beans shipped from Seattle and Portland
  • Comes with multiple subscription box options
  • Free trial available

The Bad

  • No way to choose individual brands

What's the Bottom Line?

If you're tired of drinking the same old sludge every morning, start experimenting with the tastes and textures of Bean Box.

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6. Blue Bottle Coffee - Our Highest Rated Pick

Are you familiar with mass-marketed coffee suppliers that don't care about quality? Because Blue Bottle Coffee isn't one of them.

Blue Bottle Coffee

For starters, all of their coffee is sourced by hand.

They even talk about the person in charge of this on their website. (Hi, Charlie!) This ensures that their coffee boxes are always stuffed with premium whole beans that don't include any duds or stale offerings.

Blue Bottle Coffee is also committed to giving you a personalized coffee experience.

You can take a "coffee quiz" to figure out your favorite roasts and blend types before you build your future delivery boxes.

Last but not least, Blue Bottle Coffee offers a welcome kit that will give you everything you need to brew your next cappuccino. From filters to drippers, they'll make sure that you're equipped with the right tools to give yourself an amazing coffee experience. 

They'll even throw in a stylish tote to store everything in!

The Good

  • Coffee quiz tailors shipments to your personal preferences
  • Welcome kit gives you high-quality coffee tools for the future
  • Automatic payment options

The Bad

  • Pricey
  • Limited brands available

What's the Bottom Line?

You don't have to go to a specialty shop for premium, hand-sourced coffee beans. Blue Bottle Coffee will deliver them straight to your door.

Sign up for a free subscription trial today!


7. Driftaway Coffee — The Eco-Friendly Pick

The clear choice for the environmentally-conscious coffee lover.

Driftaway Coffee Review

Driftaway Coffee doesn’t have tons of bean options—only three to five at a time—but despite the smaller selection, they’re the clear leader on a different front: eco-friendliness.

Driftaway is pioneering sustainable coffee roasting and selling with some new initiatives that are pushing the coffee industry in a better direction:

  • They are the 1st roaster in the US to use 100% compostable packaging
  • Committed to going carbon-neutral by 2022
  • Signed the Price Transparency Pledge to help support financial stability for farmers
  • Doubling their contribution to World Coffee Research’s scientific research
  • A unique Farmer Feedback that lets customers communicate with farmers directly

But Driftaway isn’t only focused on sustainable coffee—their beans taste incredible too! Roasted-to-order and sourced from quality-centered farms, you won’t be disappointed.

The Good

  • Most eco-friendly subscription service
  • Easily customizable subscription
  • Roasted to order, top-shelf beans

The Bad

  • Small selection of coffees

What’s The Bottom Line?

Driftaway Coffee is a great-tasting, eco-friendly subscription for coffee lovers who want the best flavor and environmental impact. And they were generous to offer Dripped Coffee readers a special discount:

DrippedCoffee Special: Try Driftaway Coffee for 50% off the first delivery, when you use coupon code DRIPPED50.

8. Crema Coffee

Crema is for people who like to be surprised by their coffee subscription boxes without being worried that they'll open the flaps and find a roast they hate. This is because Crema operates through the use of "Coffee Playlists."

Crema Coffee

Once you sign up for Crema, you'll be asked to create a playlist with brands that you like or want to try. You can search for these brands based on things like flavor, roast type, brewing method and country of origin.

After you've created your wish list, Crema will go down the line and ship them to you based on your preferred delivery schedule.

This way, you'll always have fresh and unique coffee to try, but it won't be from strange roasters that you don't know and can't research beforehand.

Many people also forget what order that they've put their playlist in, so there's an element of surprise to each delivery.

Even though you have complete control over your coffee experience, you'll still get to enjoy the thrill of not knowing what's on your doorstep!

The Good

  • Searchable database of brands
  • Multiple delivery schedules available
  • Farmer bios and videos can be viewed on website

The Bad

  • Prices will vary depending on your playlist

What's the Bottom Line?

If you like to control the degree of surprise that you're given by your coffee subscription boxes, consider Crema.

DrippedCoffee Special: Click Here to get 10% off your first order.

9. JavaPresse Coffee

The ideal pick for coffee lovers who want the freshest beans possible.

Javapresse Coffee Subscription

You already know that coffee beans aren’t  nearly as fresh as they say after sitting at the grocery store. 2-3 weeks of peak freshness—that’s it—which means every hour counts after the beans are roasted.

JavaPresse takes this fact seriously, shipping their beans to you just 2 hours after they’re roasted. That means there’s virtually zero time for the beans to start getting stale while they’re waiting to be packaged.

The other subscriptions on this list don’t publish how long it takes them to package and ship their beans. We’re not sure why, but it’s clear JavaPresse is the most freshness-minded here (which means more flavorful coffee for longer before it gets stale).

JavaPresse is not only a roaster, but a curator. Each month they send a single coffee to all subscribers—and it’s always delicious.

This allows them to be super picky with the coffees they find from around the world, so you can count on it being not only tasty, but also ethically sourced.

They use a custom light-medium roast that brings out the best characteristics of each individual bean while also having that smooth caramel and cane sugar sweetness we really like. This bespoke roast profile also ensures some health benefits over darker roasts, like 10-15% more chlorogenic acid that can help maximize antioxidant benefits and reduce inflammation.

You can tell they’re really proud of what they do by the size of their website. They have hundreds of articles (literally) and reviews online always mention the fast customer service.

They’re also a coffee gear manufacturer—you may have seen their coffee grinder on Amazon has over 4900+ reviews (it’s the #1 seller for manual grinders).

The Good

  • Ships 2 hours after being roasted
  • Very picky about only curating the best coffees
  • Tons of helpful articles online
  • They manufacture a great grinder, so understand what to look for in whole bean coffee.

The Bad

  • You can’t choose the roast profile, flavors, or origin of your coffee.

What’s the Bottom Line?

If you’re after the freshest cup you can possibly find, you won’t find a better pick than JavaPresse. You can’t choose your specific coffee, but the monthly curated bean always ends up amazing anyway.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Subscription for You

Not all coffee subscription services are created equal.

If you want to find one that you'll truly appreciate on those bleary, half-asleep mornings, here are just a few tips for selecting a top-notch coffee subscription box.

The Best Coffee Subscription Boxes

Know What You Want

Do you prefer grinds or whole beans

Do you want to be surprised when you open the box, or do you want to know exactly what you're getting every month?

Are you looking for a subscription service that acts as an around the world coffee sampler, or do you prefer getting whole bags from local roasters?

Check Your Calendar

Delivery schedules are an important consideration when looking at coffee subscription boxes.

Coffee grounds don't last forever, so if you only drink a few cups here and there, you don't need a box that delivers 12-ounce bags every week.

On the flip side, if you're a serious caffeine addict, you're not going to be satisfied with two-ounce sample packs delivered bimonthly.

Figure Out Their Freshness

Coffee beans start going through oxidation as soon as they're picked and roasted, so if you want ones that are rich and full of flavor, you'll need them to be freshly roasted and not sitting around in a warehouse until it's time to ship them to you.

Look for subscription services that give specific information on their freshness. For example, they might say "roasted within 24 hours of ordering" or "roasted every Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday."

Look At Their Sample Boxes

Some subscription services will only send the coffee itself.

Others will include little extras like filters and flavor guides.

Before you commit yourself to any brand in particular, take a look at their website and see if they offer pictures or descriptions of sample boxes. You might be able to tell at a glance if it's something that interests you.

Hace you tried one of these services before? Are coffee subscription worth it for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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