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7 Best Coffee Makers for Camping

While cowboy coffee has made a popular comeback in recent times, it has a reputation for being overly strong and bitter. That’s a big turnoff for many coffee lovers, who are now turning to other methods to make coffee while camping.

Apart from the traditional cowboy brewing style, there are three popular ways to make coffee at the camping grounds: pour-over, percolation, and French Press. 

We’ll review the 7 best coffee makers for camping using these methods. Some models will need a propane camp stove to brew, while others make do with hot water boiled over a campfire. 

If you are planning a camping trip soon, check out our reviews and buying guide below to find the most suitable portable coffee maker for your needs.


AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

If you are in a rush to know the best camping coffee maker, we recommend the affordably priced AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker. It is a lightweight tube that uses the French Press method of brewing, and it is great to use outdoors or inside your van. 

The AeroPress is easier to use compared to other methods outlined below and produces a piping hot cup of joe in just two minutes. However, we still recommend looking at the other coffee makers reviewed below to pick the best one that suits your camping needs.


The Best Camping Coffee Makers Are:

1. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker - Top Choice

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Our top choice, the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker, is also one of the most popular choices for coffee lovers.  

The coffee maker uses an immersion and hand press system to extract the coffee and makes more delicious coffee than you would get with a French Press. It can also make espresso-based coffees such as Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino and can produce about 250ml of coffee from one press.

The AeroPress comes with a stack of 350 paper microfilters to trap the oil and grit, making it easier to clean. It is also lightweight at only 11 ounces and is versatile enough to use at home or in the office when you're not traveling. 

Making coffee is notably easy with 200°F hot water and finely ground espresso coffee. Scoop the ground coffee on the holder and pour hot water over them and let it drip into your cup as you stir gently. Depress the rest of the coffee into your cup with the plunger after a minute—and enjoy.


  • It comes with 350 reusable microfilters to produce high-quality coffee
  • Features a robust and BPA-free construction that is easy to clean
  • Lightweight and compact design for versatile application
  • More affordable than a regular coffee appliance
  • Can make up to 1,000 cups of coffee before you need to replace parts
  • It produces drinkable coffee in about a minute of manual pressing


  • Plastic construction may crack due to alternating hot and cold water
  • Does not produce crema and requires technique to make excellent coffee

While the AeroPress coffee maker is simple to use, it will still take you a couple of tries before you develop a technique for making the perfect cuppa with it. Also, the rubber suction part of the plunger may wear out quickly, depending on how many times you prepare coffee. 

Overall, it is an excellent choice for camping, more than home applications, due to its simple and lightweight design.

Rating 4.8/5


2. WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker 

WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a pocket-sized espresso maker that can produce an excellent shot of espresso on the go. 

Wacaco is a Hongkong company that manufactures a variety of coffee and espresso appliances for nomads and outdoor enthusiasts. The Nanopresso unit features an 80-ml water tank with a detachable cup, a coffee scoop and filter basket, and an EVA protective case.

The Wacaco Nanopresso is a pocket-sized espresso maker that can produce an excellent shot of espresso on the go. 

Wacaco is a Hongkong company that manufactures a variety of coffee and espresso appliances for nomads and outdoor enthusiasts. The Nanopresso unit features an 80-ml water tank with a detachable cup, a coffee scoop and filter basket, and an EVA protective case. 

The device produces quality espresso coffee with crema in about two minutes and doesn't require a technique to consistently deliver delicious coffee.

The manufacturer recommends running one cycle of boiling water on the device to warm it up before making your first cup. The hot water temperature should be at least 190°F. Measure and put 8 grams of finely ground coffee into the filter basket and tamp it to make one espresso shot. 

The Nanopresso uses a patented manual pumping system that makes up to 18 bars of pressure to extract the coffee, resulting in a consistently high-quality brew.


  • Lightweight and compact design for camping applications
  • The high-pressure pumping system produces excellent quality espresso with crema
  • Available in five colors and comes with a one-year warranty
  • Easy to clean with limited amounts of water while camping


  • The 140ml larger tank and Nespresso adapter are optional
  • The pump may have a short service life
  • More expensive than other portable espresso makers

While the Nanopresso has high quality, one of its drawbacks is the pump jamming. Also, you would have to buy accessories separately if you want to use Nespresso capsules or make double espresso shots. 

Overall, while it is expensive, most users say it has better value for money than daily trips to local coffee shops.

Rating 4.6/5


(85) How to use the Wacaco Nanopresso - YouTube

3. Bialetti Express Moka Pot

Bialetti Express Moka Pot

We can’t be thinking of coffee and camping and not consider the moka pot. 

If you have ever experienced the goodness of Italian coffee or Cafe Cubano, you will most likely have come across the Bialetti Express Moka Pot.

While there are plenty of Moka pots available in the market, the Bialetti is the original Moka pot, and it produces a tasteful coffee reminiscent of Italian coffee. The Express Moka Pot features aluminum construction with an ergonomic handle and a patented safety valve that makes cleaning easy. 

It is also available in various sizes, depending on how many cups you want to prepare in one go, and is compatible with propane, gas, and electric cooktops. This also makes it more suitable for camping with RVs, trailers, or overlanding where you can carry a propane camp stove, unlike typical camping where you prepare your meals over a makeshift campfire. 

The coffee preparation method is simple, and you use the safety valve in the boiler to mark the water level. Spoon your ground coffee loosely into the filter cone, close the pot, and put it on the stovetop to extract.


  • Simple to use and makes a rich coffee
  • Easy to clean by rinsing with clean, warm water
  • Lightweight aluminum build quality for portability
  • Available in different sizes for convenient


  • Requires a stovetop to brew the coffee
  • It needs a bit of technique to brew it right

Many buyers have noted that only the 6-cup size is built well, while the other sizes have issues. Some of the issues they found include pot discoloration, handles melting, and the pot leaving a metallic taste in your coffee. On the upside, the product comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Rating 4.6/5 


4. Eureka! Camp Café 12 Cup Portable Camping Coffee Maker - Best for Group Camping

Eureka! Camp Café 12 Cup Portable Camping Coffee Maker

The Eureka! Camp Cafe 12-Cup Portable Camping Coffee Maker is our best choice for group camping.

It includes a 2.5-liter hard-anodized aluminum boiling pot and carafe to make robust and flavorful coffee for the whole crew. It also has a polypropylene carafe lid and filter holder and requires a #4 paper filter to extract coffee using the pour-over method. 

On top of that, the pot is so versatile that you can use it for cooking rice and draining pasta water with the integrated lid strainer. 

The Camp Cafe is pretty light at 0.48 pounds for its massive capacity and comes in four parts that nest together, so it’s compact and portable, just perfect for your trip. It also features a high-quality design that makes it reliable for all your camping trips. 

However, we recommend using the boiling pot on a camp stove instead of a campfire so you can check and control the heat temperature. The boiling pot features a FluxRing that allows it to boil water quickly and may get damaged when used over a campfire.


  • Makes large amounts of coffee in one go for convenience
  • Nesting parts makes it lightweight and compact for transport
  • Large capacity pot is flexible for prepping your other camp meals
  • Excellent build quality makes it reliable and durable


  • Only suitable for use over a camp stove
  • Pot and carafe lose heat quickly

As with any pour-over and drip coffee maker, the brewing process may take longer than usual, considering that you will be brewing a large pot of coffee. 

Additionally, the kettle loses heat quickly, and you may end up with warm coffee at the end of the brewing process. On the flip side, it is flexible for prepping most of your camp meals.

Rating 4.5/5


(106) Eureka! How To: Using Your Camp Cafe - YouTube

5. Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Percolator 

Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Percolator

The Farberware Yosemite Classic Stainless Steel Percolator is another superb choice for group camping trips where you need to make several cups of coffee in one brew. 

This model is popular with campers because of its top-quality stainless-steel build, versatility in use, and the great-tasting coffee it produces. However, it also requires a stovetop to boil the water, limiting its applications to car camping.

Farberware is an iconic American cookware brand that offers a lifetime guarantee on its products. The Yosemite model comes in two sizes and features a glass knob that lets you see when the coffee begins to perk. 

It also features a permanent filter basket that makes cleaning easy, while the stainless steel construction ensures that your coffee retains its rich flavor.


  • Non-reactive stainless steel construction prevents unwanted flavors
  • Heavy-duty and compact design is versatile for camping and home applications
  • Features a glass knob to view the brewing progress
  • Produces 12 cups of coffee in one brew for large groups
  • The ergonomic design makes handling easy
  • More affordable than competing brands


  • Not ideal to use over a regular campfire
  • The lid fits too tightly and may break the glass knob

It’s great that the percolator doubles as a hot water kettle for other camping needs. But one of the drawbacks that people noticed is the percolator's tight lid, which causes the glass knob to break when trying to get it open.

Rating 4.6/5


6. MiiR Pourigami - Best for Portability

MiiR Pourigami

If pour-over is your thing, then the MiiR Pourigami might do the trick for you. This is a creatively designed portable coffee dripper that gets positive reviews for brewing a smooth and tasty coffee consistently. 

Pour-over and drip coffee are the easiest methods of making coffee on your hiking adventures because it just requires pouring hot water over the grounds. The extracted coffee drips into your cup, and while it does not need practice to get it right, it does have some drawbacks.

The Pourigami features three flat panels made of medical-grade stainless steel with a hardshell powder coating. The panels interlock together, creating a triangular dripper. 

As mentioned above, one of the drawbacks is that Pourigami's design is shallow. So it holds less coffee, and one has to pour small amounts of water as it drips into the cup slowly, which may result in a steeped brew. 

Also, some people have observed that the white model stains over time, making the black one more preferable.


  • Interlocking flat design is convenient for easy portability
  • Built with high-quality medical-grade stainless steel
  • Easy to use and delivers a consistently good coffee
  • Comes with a carry case that also stores your filters


  • White models may stain over time
  • May produce an over-extracted coffee

On the upside, the coffee maker weighs only 4 ounces and is the size of a credit card when disassembled, making it convenient to carry in a small pack. Additionally, it fits well with most backpacking mugs. We recommend using lightly roasted medium-ground coffee for best results.

Rating 4.4/5 



7. GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip - Best Budget

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip

GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip utilizes the same brewing method as the Pourigami, and it is the most affordable option on our list. GSI Outdoors is a prolific cookware brand that specializes in producing cook sets for camping and backpacking activities. 

The Java Drip coffee maker weighs only 9 grams and is the size of a handkerchief, which makes it easily portable for backpacking excursions. It is also easy to clean. Simply rinse the filter out with a small amount of water. 

The Java Drip features a nylon fabric filter cone that drapes over three folding clip legs and attaches to a clear polypropylene cup. You can also use the #2/ #4 cone paper filters to slow the dripping process and make a more flavored brew. 

The fabric filter is taller, unlike the Pourigami, so you get to pour more water less frequently. Also, the legs can clip onto any camping mug or flask, giving you the flexibility to use your favorite container.


  • Brews a rich cup of java in a couple of minutes
  • Lightweight and collapsible design
  • High-quality and durable design
  • Clips on to any camping mug for flexibility


  • Does not come with a carry bag
  • Produces watery coffee without paper filters

While Java Drip's design is simple, you can use different techniques to produce coffee to your liking. For instance, you can use finely ground coffee to steep it for a more robust brew. Some users recommend wetting the filter to reduce sediment getting into your cup.

Rating 4.7/5


How to Choose the Best Camping Coffee Maker

Brewing Style

Pour-over and drip coffee makers are the fastest and simplest to use. You pour hot water over coffee grounds and let it drip into the mug or carafe. They are also lightweight and affordable, and they give you the flexibility to brew strong or light coffee, according to your preference. 

Percolators and moka pots are the traditional options for many seasoned campers because these coffee makers have been around for decades. They use a pressurized method for brewing coffee where heated water is pushed through coffee grounds in a series of cycles until you achieve the desired strength of coffee. 

It typically takes about eight minutes or less to brew coffee with a percolator compared to three minutes or less with a pour-over and French press coffee maker.

The French Press models such as the AeroPress and Wacaco Nanopress are user-friendly options that require pouring hot water into the brewing pot. Furthermore, they produce the most flavorful coffee of the three brewing styles, making them popular among coffee enthusiasts. 

The coffee maker uses a combination of immersion where you scoop the coffee into the carafe and pour boiling water into it. You let it steep for about a minute, then push or pump out the extracted coffee into a mug.


Camping coffee makers come in various sizes, and your choice depends on how many people are tagging along on the camping trip. 

Pour-over and the French press models are best for solo users, while percolators and Moka pots are versatile for making coffee for a bunch of people. 

Additionally, capacity also affects the size and weight, factors you may consider for portability in backpacking trips.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

While most coffee lovers appreciate using techniques to brew the perfect cup, portable coffee makers should also be simple to use and easy to clean. 

Generally, pour-over gadgets are the easiest to use because you can boil water over a campfire and rinse out the filter with little water. 

On the other hand, some percolators and Moka pots require a propane cooktop to boil the water, limiting their application to camping with vehicles. 

While the French press models don't need a stovetop to heat the water, their filters are harder to clean. 

Versatility is another factor to consider, and the Eureka! Camp Café 12 Cup Portable Camping Coffee Maker excels in this aspect. It features a large boiling pot that you can also use to prepare rice and other camp meals. 

However, it also has its drawbacks because some of the food flavors may affect the taste of your coffee. Furthermore, it uses the pour-over brewing method, and brewing 12 cups can be time-consuming, and it doesn't guarantee a hot cup in the end.

When camping or traveling, it will also be good to bring along a nice insulated mug to keep your drink warm. 

Final Thoughts

Every coffee lover has a particular taste that can be hard to achieve when camping with limited resources. However, you can brew a delicious cup of hot java with any of the best portable coffee makers for camping reviewed above. But, if you are having a tough time deciding on which to pick, we recommend the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Makeras it is the most flexible option available. 

The AeroPress is a remarkable gadget that is simple to use and makes a smooth and rich brew almost instantly. Plus, it produces a variety of espresso-based coffees, such as Americano and Cappuccino, making it versatile for outdoor and indoor applications. Overall, whichever coffee maker you choose, we hope you'll have a fantastic experience brewing amazing coffee at the campsite.

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